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Linden Air Services

at Linden Airport

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From Ken Chatham on 04-Jun-2018

  Super helpful people and convenient! Like most people, I wanted to know how to get into New York City from here. What I found out that worked was taking Uber/Lyft to Linden train station ($12) and train into Penn Station, which puts you in downtown Manhattan (roughly $8 or $9). Nice 40-minute train ride.
From Eduardo Acosta on 17-Dec-2016

  Been to KLDJ a few times. Facilities this last stay was not bad: good snooze room, renovated restrooms. Guys in the line were helpful they braved a brutal windy winter day to refuel myself and helped out with getting me a taxi and other logistics. Location is hard to beat if going to NJ locations just south of the City. EWR controllers extremely cooperative same with NY App/Dep whether coming/going through the Hudson VFR corridor or around the City westbound. Got the job done!
From Chris Borowicz on 03-Jul-2016

  A great little airport and an excellent option for going into NYC. Parking fee is nominal, like $15-20 (Except if there is a major sporting event that day). Great service, after hours access, normal FBO amenities. As the commenter before me stated, do your homework, the airport is right under Newark's airspace and has a non-conventional traffic pattern but the convenience and service is well worth the effort. About a 30 min walk or 5 min cab ride to linden station where you can take a 20 min subway into Penn Station NYC. A great place to stop after flying the corridor, and great access into the city.
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