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Meridian Aviation

at Key Field Airport

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Shell Aviation Fuels
  • Complete line service...friendly and efficient
  • Abundant aircraft parking (ramp and tiedown)
  • Pilots lounge / snooze room
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Rental cars on-site
  • Computerized weather
  • Aircraft catering and hotel reservation service
  • Complimentary ice, coffee, popcorn, chili dogs and ice cream
  • Lavatory servicing, airstarts and GPUs available
  • Free wireless internet access
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 6:00AM to 10:00PM 7 days a week
After hours service available with callout fee
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.55
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.00
Jet A Full service    $4.20
1000-up 3.90/gal
500-999 4.00/gal
300-499 4.10/gal
Prices include all taxes.
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Contact information
Address:2607 Highway 11 South
Meridian, MS 39307
United States of America
Telephone: 601-693-7282
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Chris Sims on 26-Apr-2018

  Planned a two day stay and was treated like a big jet driver. Storms were coming so my Tiger was hangared till the danger passed. I was given a beautiful courtesy car to use for the night and they recommended a good hotel. This is the best FBO I have ever used😀
From William Patterson on 11-Mar-2018

  Very good full service FBO. Booked the motel at a good rate. Provided a courtesy car to get to the motel. Was so good I stopped on my way back from Florida.
From Jon Howell on 01-Mar-2018

  Consistently courteous staff, top shelf service, and very comfortable amenities. I'd rather not be hunkering down to wait out this front, but Meridian has been the perfect place to stop.
From Mark Dymond on 14-Nov-2017

  Facility not as gaudy as some of the big name FBO chains, but this one is way more GA friendly. Easy to drop Enterprise rental w/them; nice kitchen w/multiple drink options and even comp hot dogs. Service was beyond acceptable. Quite friendly and easy to do business with.
From William Young on 29-Oct-2017

  Very good full serve fuel price, friendly and attentive line crew, approaches include ILS, posh lounge, and free food to boot! Glad I stopped here; worth going out of your way for.
From Daemon Key on 28-Jun-2017

  Very fast friendly service. Stopped I for a quick turn trying to beat storms and the line guys had the fuel caps off before the prop stopped turning! Fantastic service and a clear FBO! Highly recommend it!!
From Robert Morris on 14-May-2017

  Great price for SS. Awesome lounge for family to wait while I fueled up. Free hot dogs and ice cream won them over...Great stop, will be back.
From J. Barnes on 09-May-2017

  The most friendly and generous service I have ever experienced. Free hangar overnight, courtesy car, great fuel prices, and outstanding staff.
From Gregg Brooks on 26-Apr-2017

  Stopped here twice last week, eastbound and westbound. Great facility, good fuel prices. We arrived late and departed early on the first trip, gave us a crew car for the night. Going home, grabbed a quick hot dog while they fueled the plane. We will be back!
From Tom Morrissey on 06-Mar-2017

  First class service during an overnight fuel stop in a Mooney. I called ahead and Codee was extremely helpful with hotel and restaurant recommendations. The friendly staff, low fuel price, and courtesy car make it the perfect stopover. Thanks!
From Richard Rolland on 30-Dec-2016

  Flew into MEI on the 27th on my way to south FL. Handling was fast and efficient from marshaling to fueling. Friendly people and great facility. And great fuel prices.
From Kurt Rutkowski on 29-Dec-2016

  I had an alternator failure while flying through Meridian. Everyone there helped me to get the parts and tools I needed and found a corner in the hangar so I could fix my aircraft. The hospitality is the best. They have free food and drinks and the best fuel price. If you have to break down somewhere, better hope it is at Meridian. First class operation!
From Daryl Heusinkveld on 03-Aug-2016

  Mark was very helpful in getting the airplane refueled for the next day. He then tied the airplane down for the night. Willy could not have been more helpful. He had the airplane ready the next morning. Parked in the shade which was great since it was so hot that morning. Absolutely the best FBO I have ever been to. Price for 100LL was great. If you are ever even close I recommend this as a stop.
From Lyle Prouse on 31-May-2016

  I use the S/S pump and the FBO folks are usually OUTSTANDING in that they come out and pump the fuel. I've never seen an FBO that is so generous with free hotdogs, drinks, and snacks as this FBO is. I hadn't been there for a couple of years and wondered if they still did that. They do! Thank you for your wonderful generous gestures!!
From Thomas Anderson on 10-May-2016

  Believe every 5-Star review you read here! A couple of regulars here told me not to spoil the secret, but how can I not brag about an incredible FBO like this? Friendly and helpful folks, great fuel prices, and a facility with all the amenities including free hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, iced tea, etc. Make this more than the perfect pit stop.
From Thomas Anderson on 10-May-2016

  Believe every 5-Star review you read here! A couple of regulars here told me not to spoil the secret, but how can I not brag about an incredible FBO like this? Friendly and helpful folks, great fuel prices, and a facility with all the amenities including free hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, iced tea, etc. Make this more than the perfect pit stop.
From Robert McMeekin on 06-Apr-2016

  Doesn't get any better than this. Fantastic staff, cheap gas, no fees for our Travelair, nice clean comfortable lounge, clean new crew car. Scott, Codee, Lisa really know how to make visitors welcome.
From Don Hayes on 31-Dec-2015

  I just spent 10 days here. They took great care of my 182. I called when it looked like a storm was moving in to ask about moving it in a hangar - it was already done! The comments below say it all. If you are in this vicinity, you will not find a better place to stop.
From Jim Thames on 15-Nov-2015

  Absolutely fantastic reception! We were met on the ramp, tied down and pointed to the FBO and told to make ourselves at home. We were offered a crew car, recommendations for hotels and restaurants. Hard to imagine better treatment.
From Joe Gamez on 08-Nov-2015

  Not sure I have been to a "Mom and Pop" non nationwide chain FBO that had the service on the line and amenities that this FBO offered. Line guy was there to park us, flight planning was exceptional, food was free and super creative (self serve waffles and hot dogs), CSR that was fully informed to provide any service that was requested, and best of all, a resident lab barking at us as we approached the FBO on foot after parking. Go here...
From Tom Davidson on 04-Oct-2015

  Overnight stop on 10/3/2015. A super friendly place with great fuel prices. I called ahead when departing to ask them to bring the plane up front so I could load up more easily, and found it right in front of the FBO...Rock star parking! As others have said, the ATC folks in Approach and in the Tower are also very friendly and helpful.
From Garrett Gee on 03-Oct-2015

  Very professional service. Was greeted at the plane and asked if we needed any services or a crew car. Was just a quick fuel stop (36 gallons of 100LL), but were treated like we bought 500 gallons of Jet A. P.S. The ice cream machine rocks!
From Steven L. Bristow on 30-Sep-2015

  We stopped here on 9/27/2015 going to Texas based off all the reviews, and the low fuel price. My passengers and I were not disappointed. The FBO was clean, and well maintained. There was free hot dogs and ice cream. The linemen and lady at the front desk were very nice and helpful. It was easy to get in and out thanks to the friendly folks in the control tower. I will definitely return. Look for the airport mascot (a big old dog, who I can't remember the name of right now, but he's extremely friendly.)
From Pete Greenfield on 03-Sep-2015

  First Class all the way! We stopped here last week for fuel. The FBO is very clean. The people are very friendly and helpful. I canít say enough about what a great experience it was....
From Clemmie Mathis on 16-Aug-2015

  I flew in and out on 8-15-16 and overnighted leaving 8-16-15 in a Cirrus SR22. This isn't my first trip to Meridian Aviation and I can honestly say it is consistently one of the nicest places to fly to. It's super clean, the line service is great, the snacks and refreshments are top notch and the fuel prices are the best around. Another note is that this field has some of the nicest most personable ATC guys. I would fly out of my way to land here.
From Paul C. Hollowell on 13-Aug-2015

  Excellent service, great facility. Last minute stop, plane in hangar, they found us a room, got the courtesy van. Bad weather around so they put us in the hangar. Fueled and departed next morning. Make this a stop.
From Jim Hiatt on 27-Jul-2015

  Stopped for a quick gas and go 7/10/15. We were marshaled to parking and our fuel order was taken. We were told to go inside since "the food is on." Great surprise - hotdogs on the cooker, several other things to eat, and iced tea! We had a quick snack paid a very reasonable price for fuel and left without any delay. This is now my first stop when heading north out of SW FL.
From C. Peter Spies on 11-Jul-2015

  We flew into KMEI in our Piper Matrix and had a flat nose tire on landing. Meridian Aviation and the maintenance facility on the field (Dean Aircraft Service) took great care towing the disabled aircraft from the runway to their maintenance hangar. They replaced the tire and had us ready to go in just a couple of hours at a fair price. We used the courtesy vehicle to get lunch in the meantime. Great facilities and great customer service. Thanks!!!
From Roy Harkness on 08-Jul-2015

  Sorry to be so late in commenting. Flew in last week unannounced in my C172 to meet another pilot. I was amazed at the facility...Best I've seen at a GA FBO. Was given a crew van to drive overnight and the plane was hangared at no charge. I had them fuel me the next morning and they parked the plane right outside the door. Literally the best FBO experience I've had. Highly recommended.
From Don Hayes on 03-Jul-2015

  I am more impressed with this FBO than anywhere that I have visited. They are always glad to see my 182; treat me like I was in a Citation. In-and-out is easy with the FBO adjacent to the runway. A LONG runway if you need it. Courtesy cars with plenty of restaurant and hotel options. And, the best fuel prices anywhere. If you need to stop anywhere nearby, KMEI is the obvious choice.
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