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Comanche County-City Airport

at Comanche County-City Airport

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From Bill Daly on 05-Jan-2020

  Had never flown into Comanche, so decided to fly in on Saturday to take the courtesy car to get lunch in town. The self-serve fuel pump worked fine with no issues. I had called ahead to get code to access the courtesy car which is a nice clean SUV parked in a hangar- much better than most courtesy cars. Had a very good (& inexpensive) lunch at Matt Daddy’s restaurant on the historic town square. Gotta get the onion rings! Very nice experience- I would recommend.
From Art Friedman on 15-Apr-2018

  We had the opposite problem of the previous reporter. The pump keeps shutting off. We got our credit card set up and the pump turned on, so we took the rolling platform out to reach the fuel filler. By the time we started unrolling to hose, the pump shut off. So we got the hose unrolled and positioned by the filler, then got the card authorized again, then hurriedly filled the first tank. However, in the time it took get over to the second tank, the pump shut off again. We Again positioned the nozzle and got a third authorization and finally got the second tank filled. It gave us a receipt each time; all of them were blank. There was toilet paper, but not much. Still, it had what we wanted... Cheap fuel and a relatively quick turn.
From Chris Hare on 27-Oct-2017

  An easy out of the way stopping place with cheep gas, but don't expect too much, as there is not much there. The office had a free snack fridge, which was nice, but the lack of toilet paper over shadowed that. I never thought trade-a-plane could be used like the old timers with the sears catalog, but there I was... After fueling the pump would not shut off to trigger the credit card machine to print my receipt, and the pump would still dispense gas. Had I left it this way, the next customer could have fueled on my bill, until the set gallon amount was reached. I ended up using the emergency shut-off button, and then it printed it. On the receipt are 2 phone numbers to call, including an emergency number, neither one answered... Go figure.
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