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Let Sheltair care for your unique needs in the horse capital of the world! Guests enjoy superior ground support and concierge services, complimentary interior cleaning, catering, crew cars, complimentary refreshments, an on-site restaurant, an executive conference room, well-appointed pilot and passenger lounges, and the ability to arrange handling for your equine passengers.

 IS-BAH Registered   Everest Fuel   AVTRIP   Hertz 

ASRI 129.375

1770 SW 60th Avenue
Suite 400
Ocala, FL 34474
United States of America

Fax 352-861-1464

Kyle Van Atta
General Manager
352-682-3506 Cell

Hangar and office leasing information:
Todd S. Anderson, A.A.E.
Senior Vice President of Real Estate & Development

phone: 407-854-1818
cell: 407-325-0388
fax: 407-854-1804
3024 E Amelia Street
Orlando, FL 32803

  • Refueling Jet A and 100LL
  • Full Line and Customer Service
  • Ramp Access for Passenger Vehicles
  • Conference Rooms
  • Wireless Internet
  • Flight Planning/Weather Room
  • Crew Lounge & Quiet Room
  • Cafeteria/Vending Area
  • Tailwind Cafe
  • Complimentary Refreshments/Snacks
  • Complimentary Crew Cars
  • Hertz Rental Cars
  • Courtesy Shuttle to Local Hotels
  • Complimentary Interior Aircraft Cleaning
  • Commercial Ground Handling and Refueling Available
  • AVTRIP Rewards Program
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • All Contract Fuel Cards Accepted
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Community Hangar Space
  • Tie Downs
  • Office Space
  • Secured Access
  • 20,000 sq. ft. New Executive Hangar Complex coming Spring 2018
  • Self Serve AVGAS

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Fueling Hours:
0600-2100 After Hours Phone: 352-682-3911 (fees apply)

 Fuel prices as last reported on

100LL Avgas Full service
Reported by the FBO

Jet A Full service
Reported by the FBO

Avgas reduced April 4-10
Prices include all taxes.
Prices not guaranteed.

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From Tom Carden on 17-Jun-2020

  Been here many times, always-excellent service! Big shout out to Tony, Kyle and Abbey for perfect help with a small problem. Great job!
From Drew Gillett on 28-Feb-2020

  New bldg won't have restaurant til October at best
From Richard Fried on 31-Jan-2020

  This is a great FBO. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. We always enjoy coming in here!
From Ed Oxer on 15-Nov-2019

  Top notch crew. Arrived in 400 overcast and 1 mile in light rain. They had me refueled in 10 minutes and we were out in a jiffy.
From Stephen George on 25-Aug-2019

  I fly here regularly and have always had excellent service from this FBO. The restaurant inside FBO serves good food as well.
From Doug Snyder on 06-May-2019

  Great service. Had an alternator failure at night IFR, diverted into OCF and Sheltair took super care of us. Set us up with a hotel, rental car and restaurant. Joe at Ocala aviation services repaired our aircraft (broken wire) and wouldn't charge us. Self serve fuel inop a/o 5/6/19… Highly recommend!
From Douglas I. Kirkland on 02-May-2019

  From the first call to Jessica (I think) to reserve my rental car for avionics upgrade at Quest Avionics, to the drop of same a few days later with Nicole, Sheltair OCF was just wonderful to deal with. Picked me up at the airplane (C182--wish it was bigger but they treated me super size anyway!) and honored the self-serve fuel price as the pump was down when I left! Quest Avionics/Paul was his usual efficient, and professional self. My plane was ready as promised and I now have the ADSB required after Jan 1, 2020! Works great, and oh yeah, my rebate is on the way!
From Steve Severance on 11-Aug-2018

  Yesterday we had the unfortunate experience of rolling a tire while taxiing off the runway in Ocala. The service we received was nothing short of amazing. The ground controller had ops personnel to us within a couple of minutes and the folks at Sheltair had the plane on the tug and over to maintenance in short order. My wife and I barely had time to finish a tasty unplanned meal in the restaurant before maintenance tugged the plane, complete with a new tube in the previously flat main gear, back to Quest Avionics for us. The reason for our stop in Ocala was to pick up a repaired radio and Quest had it in the plane waiting for us in the few minutes it took Sheltair to drive us over. When it was discovered the battery in plane had run down due to an accessory plugged into the 12v outlet, Quest quickly got us running and on our way. I hope we don't have any more mornings like that, but if we do I sure hope the service is half as good as we got at KOCF yesterday.
From Warren Levin on 18-Feb-2018

  Folks here know how to make you welcome. Especially Cindy at the counter and Tony on the field. The manager Kyle is both friendly and knowledgeable. This is what all FBO's should strive for.
From Darrell Klein, N5441H on 16-Feb-2018

  We flew in to meet friends for lunch. As noted, restaurant is located inside FBO and was excellent. Line staff and desk staff were extremely helpful and courteous. No fees for our SkyHawk. Tower staff pleasant and helpful. Thank you Sheltair for a nice experience!
From Andy Knepper on 13-Feb-2018

  We enjoyed our stop here. Friendly tower guy and easy ground ops. Fuel service was fast and fair. The restaurant is located inside the FBO about 25 feet from the service desk, and it's great too!
From Kevin Cook on 18-Dec-2017

  A great place to fly to if you want lunch. Check out the Tailwinds Café. The staff at Sheltair was amazing. Will definitely be back.
From Rock Ferrone on 30-Nov-2017

  Great FBO Took good care of us! We flew in for lunch and called Cindy ahead of time to see if we could use the crew car. The car was nice and the service is great. No problems here!
From Charles Urick on 11-Oct-2017

  First time visit to KOCF and to SHELTAIR on 10-11-2017. Great experience. Fuel prices were exceptional considering the cost of avgas at most locations. Folks at SHELTAIR were very nice, friendly and very accommodating, especially Venus, Cindy, Andy and Richard. Good people. Very nice cafe, Tail Winds. Will certainly return.
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