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Enjoy VIP services and amenities in the heart of Florida and just blocks from Orlando's downtown business center, including new hangars and a new executive terminal, self-serve avgas, superior ground support and concierge services, complimentary interior cleaning, catering, crew cars, canteen market and complimentary refreshments, executive conference rooms, and a well-appointed pilot lounge.

 IS-BAH Registered   CAA Preferred FBO   Everest Fuel   AVTRIP   Hertz 

ASRI 131.60

3051 East Livingston Street
Orlando, FL 32803
United States of America

Fax 407-581-5652

Eddie Dussault
General Manager
727-492-2725 Cell

Hangar and office leasing information:
Amanda Herx
Property Manager
407-854-1818 Office
407-230-7147 Cell

Property & Leasing Office Address:

3024 E. Amelia Street
Orlando, FL 32803

  • Refueling Jet A and 100LL
  • Full Line and Customer Service
  • Ramp Access for Passenger Vehicles
  • Conference Rooms
  • Wireless Internet
  • Flight Planning/Weather Room
  • Crew lounge & Quiet Room
  • Cafeteria/Vending Area
  • Complimentary Refreshments/Snacks
  • Complimentary Crew Cars
  • Hertz Rental Cars
  • Courtesy Shuttle to Local Hotels
  • Complimentary Interior Aircraft Cleaning
  • Crew Showers
  • CAA Preferred FBO
  • AVTRIP Rewards Program
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • All Contract Fuel Cards Accepted
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Community Hangar Space
  • Tie Downs
  • Office Space
  • Secured Access
  • Special Fuel/Hangar Package Options Available
  • 26,650 sq. ft. of Proposed Hangar and Luxurious FBO
  • Self Serve AVGAS

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Fueling Hours:
0600-2200 After Hours Contact: 347-217-9701 (fees apply)

 Fuel prices as last reported on

100LL Avgas Full service
Reported by the FBO

100LL Avgas Self service
Reported by the FBO

Jet A Full service
Reported by the FBO


Prices include all taxes.
Prices not guaranteed.

Self-service AvGas Fueling Station located next to our t-hangars on the East ramp

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From Tom Fiola on 23-Dec-2019

  Needed to leave my plane tied down at Sheltair for about a month. Can't say enough good things about the service at Sheltair Orlando!! Service folks went out of their way to assist and help the several times I needed to access my plane. We have made Sheltair our 'go to' FBO during the past 10+ years when traveling to Orlando and they have never let us down!
From Bruce Buchanan on 15-Nov-2019

  First time visiting. Great people and service
From Karl Richcreek on 15-Nov-2019

  Came to Orlando on an overnight trip in my RV8. The way I was greeted and treated by these folks, you'd think I just pulled up in a G5. The linemen helped with tying down the aircraft, providing a ride to and from my aircraft with luggage, and arranging fueling so I could leave the next morning at a moments notice. The ladies working the front desk already had my information ready for review so all I had to do was provide them with my credit card. Very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Sheltair if you're coming to Orlando.
From Sam Lipscomb on 09-Jul-2019

  Good service but was disappointed with a $50 ramp fee even though I purchased 40 gallons of fuel for a Beech Baron. Will just go into KISM from now on
From Tod Peavy on 20-Jun-2019

  Fantastic service on the phone, on arrival and departure. Ground and tower are very helpful and friendly. The new FBO is beautiful. Robert was my lineman and he had my car waiting and a top off as soon as I hit the ground. Can't wait to go back.
From Deepak Sircar on 02-Jun-2019

  Great FBO. Arrived with family for a Universal vacation and the rental car was waiting on the ramp. We were at the resort 20 mins after landing. Departure was equally effortless. Reasonable parking fees. Nice facility and nice people. My new fav in the Orlando area.
From Dan Herr on 21-Nov-2018

  Great service at this FBO: fueling, parking, rental car, etc. They are professionals - not even rattled by the huge NBAA rush. Thanks for taking care of me and N350KD.
From Rick Binkley on 10-Sep-2018

  Parked a Bonanza at Sheltair for 8 days in August. I had arranged for a rental car and called beforehand to let them know I would be arriving and staying several days. On short final I radioed the FBO to tell them I would be arriving in a few minutes. Upon arrival at the FBO no one came out to marshal the aircraft. I have been there before so I had an idea where to stop and shut down. A small jet came in about two minutes after I did and the ground crew was running to meet it. If you are flying/parking a single or light twin you are expected to walk to/from your aircraft on the ramp parking area. If you are flying a jet or turboprop your aircraft is marshaled to an area right in front of the facility next to the door. Same with leaving, the jet/turboprop is pulled up to the front door. The personnel inside and outside are very friendly and helpful. The facility is very nice, modern, and well equipped. It would be nice if they would treat all aircraft the same. The prices are great.
From Randy Hughes on 27-Apr-2018

  Great experience Line guy was very helpful with our bags as were the ladies at the counter with the rental car and directions to the hotel
From Don Dillman on 18-Apr-2018

  The visit started out well with a quick Marshall in and delivery of the rental car. The lineman took my fuel order and called in via the radio. Next morning I arrived and no fuel. Not a huge deal but not up to Sheltair's normal high standards.
From John Vossman on 08-Apr-2018

  We have been here several times. Always had great service and friendly service. Kristin was very helpful in making these trip arrangements. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it and Kristin understood and canceled everything. See you next trip.
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