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Cape Air

at Provincetown Municipal Airport

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From John Ford on 21-Jul-2016

  We flew to PVC as our home base for a Cape vacation. Spent two days in P-Town and flew to Katama for a day on the beach. PVC is a cool airport on the beach, nice runway, and good tie-down ramp. The only problem with the tie-downs is the ropes are so hard and weathered, it is almost impossible to tie knots. The ropes are somewhat short for high wings, leaving only about 24 inches of slack to tie a knot from the ring. There were a few stations missing ropes, so we used our own ropes. Otherwise, service was good. Be careful to follow the "GA path" the to side gate because the TSA folks object to GA activity on the ramp in front of the terminal. You register at the desk for fees and an access code that works well. The locals advise not to rent a car, but I'd get one next time. The shuttle is OK, but runs every 30 mins, and only takes you to fixed drops in town...Still need a cab to most hotels. But, you can walk to the beach from the airport...Hard to beat.
From Greg Pyke on 27-Sep-2015

  My wife and I stopped here for a walk on the beach and stretch our legs. Saw lots of whales right off shore. Very nice beach and a Life Savings museum very close to airport. If you are just going to walk on the beach and not go to town they waive the $10 tie down fee, but you still need to check in to get the gate code.
From George Steed on 08-Aug-2015

  Good runway. Lots of tie-downs and parking in the grass if they're full. $10 landing fee and a nice terminal. Taxi to town is $9 EACH, both ways but there is a municipal shuttle that comes every 20-40 minutes that's $2 ($1 if you're over 60) ten-minute ride into town. Many excellent restaurants: Napi's and the Lobster Pot recommended by a local.
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