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Westjet Air Center

at Rapid City Regional Airport

  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft ground handling
  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft parts
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Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: 24 hours a day
Fuel prices as last reported on 20-Feb-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.55 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $5.08 Reported by the FBO
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:4190 Westjet Drive
Rapid City, SD 57703
United States of America
Telephone: 605-393-2500
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From Karl Hoffman on 11-Oct-2017

  Great experience at WestJet. But when I returned home I had an invoice from the airport for landing fees. I suggest WestJet at least tell the customers about the practice of the airport to invoice for this.
From Jeremy Roberts on 19-Jul-2017

  Flew in with a Cherokee 6 - great fast polite service. Upgraded us on the Hertz car. A great example of how GA travel can be fun and easy with good help on the ground.
From Scott Postma on 16-Nov-2016

  Large aircraft with 12 passengers and bags, overnight. Great looking FBO, Friendly people, however, had to personally ask the line guys for chocks on each wheel as we were parked on incline, they got right on it. Personally pushed the baggage cart out and loaded aircraft, line guys came out of their shack only after I started to close the door on the Aircraft. No other aircraft activity on the ramp at the time. I had two 20$ in my pocket for tips but no one came out to help me load baggage, no tips given. Again, very nice folks, need to help the line guys to see what needs doing.
From Danny Sjoblom on 04-Nov-2016

  Very nice FBO. Comfy pilots lounge with 2 quite rooms to nap in. Friendly staff and multiple crew cars available.
From Raj Seth on 11-Jul-2016

  I gladly paid the price for FS fuel from Westjet. Jonathan sent me an extensive email a week ahead with advice and recommendations for our family visit. They arranged a SUV rental (we were 6) and provided great service - above and beyond the small amount of business we gave them.
From Michael Sanders on 18-Jun-2016

  I work for an aerial imaging company and frequent FBO's for various projects. I stayed at WestJet for about a month. The service at WestJet was top notch with excellent prompt line service every day and great hangar rates considering the popularity of the area. The customer service staff was amazing to include the manager Miranda! The facility was also comfy and modern. I hope to get a chance to come back at some point.
From Pierre Melcher on 09-Jun-2016

  Great people, nice new facility, super service. We stopped here overnight and were treated first class.
From Richard Greb on 20-May-2016

  Just returned from a couple days trip to Black Hills area utilizing WestJet. Great service from all personnel with very nice FBO facilities. Front desk arranged for a Hertz rental at substantial discount off terminal rates. Reserved a compact but was upgraded to a brand new Mustang convertible for same price as compact. Beautiful area to visit and will definitely return using WestJet.
From Gary Mascelli, N6708R on 11-Oct-2015

  Friendly folks at WestJet. They had our plane fueled and off to a hangar for two nights as requested. Rental car was parked in the lot and they let us drive on the ramp to unload/load baggage.
From Greg Pyke on 27-Sep-2015

  1st time to KRAP, parked in the free parking area due to construction and congestion in front of Westjet. Walked down to Westjet to find transportation and a hotel. The girl at the desk made us feel like vagrants. Was told that if we did not park in their spots that we would be charge a "facility fee". Just needed to make a phone call and get a hotel. Asked if she would mind if I made some calls inside, was told she "would not tell on us" and upon our return, we should use the Rapid Refuel door on the other N end of the airport. We stepped outside where we felt much more comfortable making the calls. I didnít want this young lady to compromise her integrity. I'm sure they treat most flyer fine, I was just not one of them.

Response from Donald H. Rydstrom, CEO, Westjet Air Center
We apologize that you could not locate our facility. You clearly stated to the CSR on duty that night that you were choosing to utilize the self-service fuel, which is not owned or operated by Westjet, unless we could match, the self-service price and provide free tie-down. We are disappointed that you had a negative experience, however we cannot charge the self-service price with full our full-service amenities. We have millions of dollars in facilities and equipment along with highly trained full-time personnel and cannot compete against an unattended, stand-alone fuel tank. As our other AirNav comments indicate we provide exemplary service to our customers.

From Ron Hollis on 27-Aug-2015

  The FBO was friendly and they greeted us at the ramp. They forgot to fuel our plane that we requested when we landed, so had to wait for the fuel truck before our departure (a few days later). Hertz run by Overland West was horrible...Car was late, service rep was rude and acted like we were putting him out to get a car. The car was dirty and had a low tire warning. He told me to ignore it or take it by a Quiklube if the light bothered me. We were driving all over SD but did not have an issue.
From Benjamin Stoick on 17-Aug-2015

  Congratulations on your beautiful new facility! We especially appreciated the 'Kiddy Playroom'! And a special 'thank you' goes out to Dennis, a professional who made West Jet shine even more by remaining on the ramp in 90+ temps and insufferable humidity to help us transfer our things to the car. With two old grandpas, a young mother, and three small children onboard, including a newborn, my old Piper Lance was packed! Truly, the courtesy and kindness extended by Dennis merited more than the $10 I gave him, for he is a template for good service...And a shining example for FBO linemen everywhere.
From Jim Loach on 12-Aug-2015

  WestJet has a new beautiful terminal building. Excellent flight planning computers and printers. Good vending machines with food and drink, fresh coffee, cold water, etc. The pilot rooms include 2 private "snooze" rooms with recliners & a comfortable group waiting area with TV. WestJet provides outstanding service! The ground crew was quickly out to marshal me in to parking. The airplane was fueled as requested. I will be back.
From Manuel Scott on 18-Jul-2015

  The maintenance crew was outstanding. They gave me an oil change and took good care of my plane. One word of advice to the line guys: they would do well to help passengers with luggage. I travel 200 days a year, all over the country, and normally hand out $20 bills to every line guy who helps me: pulls my rental car to the plane and help me transfer luggage from plane to car, and fuels my plane. At KRAP, all I got from one of the heavy-set guy was, "since you know how to load luggage on airplanes, you probably know how to do it on cars too, " then he walked away. I shrugged and put the $20 I had in my hand back in my pocket, and then proceeded to move the luggage. The same thing happened when I returned to the airport. No help, no offer to help. It's fine, but the guys are missing out on making a little extra cash, and making a positive impression for their FBO. The maintenance guys, though, are outstanding. Ron and his team were more then helpful, and were compensated accordingly.
From Mike McIntee on 12-Jul-2015

  Needed a quick turn. Crazy fast. They have a dual hose fuel truck that had me fueled before I could walk into the FBO. Pleasant efficient line staff and CSR. GREAT STOP. THANK YOU!
From Jason Gedert on 15-Jun-2015

  Flew in on our Aztec as part of a long family vacation. Rental car was waiting for us. Very competitive fuel price for a "full service" FBO. They hangared the plane for $60 per night and it was pulled out and waiting for us when we were ready to depart. Should be even better, when there new facility is finished.
From Geoff Gallaway on 29-May-2015

  We stopped in Rapid City to refuel but decided to stay the night due to deteriorating weather between Rapid City and our destination near Billings, Montana. WestJet immediately got us a great rate at a good hotel in town, fueled us up, towed our plane to a tie down and called the hotel shuttle for us. We were given prompt service even though we only bought a small amount of fuel for the little Cherokee 140 we were flying. Nice facilities at an airport with a great view.
From Alfred Jones on 25-May-2015

  Hit a weather wall approaching the Rockies so was forced to overnight in Rapid City. Karen behind the Customer Service desk handled everything, even being sure that the hotel honored the Westjet agreed discount. I've always enjoyed stopping here - it will be even better once their new terminal building is finished.
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