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Stinson Municipal Airport
UNICOM 122.95

8535 Mission Road
Suite 108
San Antonio, TX 78214-3101
United States of America

Fax 210-467-5607

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • GPU
  • Robinson Service Center
  • Hangar
  • Rental Car
  • Catering
  • On-Site Restaurant
  • Pilot Lounge
  • Crew Car
  • Oxygen Service
  • General Maintenance
  • Jet-A w/Prist
  • 100LL
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: Monday - Friday: 0730-1900
Saturday: 0800-1800
Sunday: 0800-1800
Self-serve fuel available 24 hours a day
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.64
100LL Avgas Self service    $5.04
Jet A Full service    $4.30
Jet A Self service    $3.95
Prices include all taxes.
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Ryan McHugh on 08-Oct-2017

  Superb FBO for the GA community! Was arriving after hours and Erik made it hassle-free when I called him in advance. Truly professional, start to finish. Rental car was there and everything else was as promised. No fees involved despite staying a couple nights, and gladly filled up with their avgas. It's a reasonable enough price for the level of service and zero fees. More importantly, Erik made sure everything went as planned!
From Steve Urban on 02-May-2017

  2nd oldest airport operating in the US, cool old tower building. Friendly and helpful staff, greeted me as I taxied in and tied down the airplane. Fuel prices very reasonable.
From Chancellor Russell Armstrong, C414A on 20-Mar-2017

  Kudos to Gate One and Erik and staff. We took a day trip to San Antonio last week and Gate One took care of the rent car (on the ramp waiting when we arrived) and took good care of us even though a Warbird event was happening on their ramp that afternoon. I will be back!
From Jonathan Tack on 08-Mar-2017

  Kathy and the team are very knowledgeable, skillful and kind. Thanks to her, Mallory and Eric for their camaraderie to accomplish big things asked of them.
From Charlie Thompson on 30-Jan-2017

  Line crew and staff at Gate One were great. BBQ place was good too. I'll be back!
From Patrick Andrews on 19-Oct-2016

  Once again, the GateONE crew got it more than "right" in every aspect. Abundant accolades to all for a well accomplished "job."
From Kevin Gabriel on 03-Sep-2016

  Went last weekend for an overnight in San Antonio. Lineman was very nice and helpful. He greeted me by name when I got out of the airplane. I had a car reserved which he brought around and helped load. Inside the FBO is new and very nice. Front desk was accommodating and friendly. Definitely will stop again.
From Jeff Goehl, PA32/RV7A on 02-Sep-2016

  Made two trips, Sunday and Wednesday. Rent car waiting on ramp and service was excellent. Very friendly and professional ramp attendant. Great experience all around. Great choice for San Antonio, Easy to get to by car and much easier in the air then KSAT.
From Nigel Milligan on 22-Aug-2016

  Stayed overnight here on a couple of occasions while doing aerial mapping in the past month since GateONE have taken over. Great service and personnel.. Liz CSR and line guys Justin and Steve. Especially appreciate Eric CSR for arranging a cab for me and attending to my helicopter during the evening after I had left the airport and weather that was not forecast was rolling in. Nice facilities, restaurant/cafe in same building. Historical photos on the walls. Thanks guys and gals.
From Sargent Caldwell on 17-May-2016

  Stayed 3 nights. Great service. When we returned, plane was on the ramp, in front, and fueled as requested. Personnel were pleasant and competent. Very good experience!
From Mark Antoine on 27-Mar-2016

  Very friendly, clean and new office with easy access and a good alternative to San Antonio International for light GA and even jets. I'd consider flying here if I'm in either my plane or a jet.
From Clayton Yendrey on 12-Feb-2016

  Great experience. Front desk staff has repeatedly gone out of their way, going above and beyond, when I was a transient through KSSF. Now that I'm based there nothing has changed. The staff treats all clients like they're high rollers.
From Gerald Whaley on 29-Jan-2016

  Gate One has to be the best FBO of all I use. Last night I came in minutes till closing and was met, welcomed by name. Only been here 4 times in as many months, and to have the lineman remember not just me but my name is impressive..
From Gerald Whaley on 22-Dec-2015

  Came in again now the third time and canít say enough about the service. Eric, Steve and his associates all go the extra mile to make you feel welcome.
From Jim Moore on 22-Nov-2015

  Flew in today to drop off and wait for an Angel Flight passenger. Eric at Gate One was great. He provided a nice clean crew car and gave us access to the pilots lounge while we waited. We only needed 20 gal of Avgas, but were treated like we were filling a G650. Will definitely return and use Gate One.
From Gerald Whaley, N---PR on 18-Oct-2015

  I have been flying corporate and charter for over 40 years, and this was the best experience I have had at an airport yet. I was on a family trip in my personal plane, Eric and his crew treated my wife and me as if we were in a jet. During my 12 day stay they took special precaution, to remove tail lock when towing. Got us in a hangar prior to bad weather. Since our daughter has moved to San Antonio, area I have been trying to find a good airport to use. This was the third one I have tried and will look no further.
From Patrick Andrews on 12-Sep-2015

  My first experience as a "transient" since moving from Stinson. Gate One with the capable staff--Cathy, Liz, Eric, et al--are "getting it done" the right way, the first time. Thanks for a pleasant stopover--accolades innumerable are extended to the top-notch "crew" at on the line and behind the counter at Gate One.
From Craig Cavins on 07-Sep-2015

  Visited Stinson recently and received great service at GateONE, including courtesy car and use of their facility, despite the fact that we only took on 11 gallons. Nice folks, and ATC was very friendly with routing us through/around all the airspace since we came in from the north.
From Chester Clark III on 15-Jul-2015

  Great service from the fine folks at Stinson! When we recently spent 10 days in San Antonio these guys took great care of us and our Twin Comanche. Highly recommended!
From Billy Craft on 06-Apr-2015

  Just had a very pleasant experience in San Antonio and with the great folks at San Antonio Aviation. It's all been said by those before, but I'd like to echo the sentiment. Great folks and outstanding service. I'll be back.
From Gregory Perrin, Tucson AZ on 23-Mar-2015

  Being a first timer, I chose San Antonio Aviation (SFF) based on previous AirNav comments; they far exceeded anything I expected! Kathy set up my hotel and rental car prior to my arrival; I was met on the ramp with my car as soon as I touched down! Kathy went out of her way to secure the hotel I wanted even after she was told they were sold out! When WX and a medical issue prevented my planned departure, Kathy and staff hangared my plane and extended my rental car in order to facilitate my drive home. SAA is second to none and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone headed their way; EXEMPLARY they are!! Thanks SAA & staff!!
From Dan Langhout on 18-Jan-2015

  Great Service! Arranged for my rental car and met me with it on the ramp when I taxied in. Kept my plane in the hangar for the 9 nights I was there (1/6/2015 - 1/14-2015). Had it out on the ramp waiting for me the morning I left. Couldn't be happier. Will definitely use them again the next time I come to Stinson!
From John Passow on 03-Nov-2014

  Spent one night. Jet Center got us great hotel (Drury Plaza) at reduced cost. Also got us taxi to save rent car costs and hotel parking fee. Good fuel prices and they saw to everything. Good old fashioned Texas hospitality. Will definitely return. Stinson keeps you out of SAT traffic and taxi times.
From Shaun Searle on 29-Oct-2014

  Top Shelf. The service was outstanding and they took care of details even down to the taxi driver I would get. They take great pride in their service and it shows!!!
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