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Sonoma Jet Center

Welcome to Wine Country! Sonoma Jet Center is the premier wine country FBO and is the perfect place to start your visit to the wine country. Highly regarded for our customer service, exceptional team, and safety priorities, we are here to take care of you, your passengers, and your aircraft!

Charles M Schulz - Sonoma County Airport
ASRI 131.375

6000 Flightline Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
United States of America

Fax 707-636-7067

 Signature TailWins®   NATA Safety 1st   U.S. Government AIR Card   Everest Fuel   UVair   World Fuel Contract Fuel   AVTRIP   Contract Fuel 
 Crew cars   Avis   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Hertz   National Car Rental   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)   National Business Aviation Association 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Flight Support: fuel, maintenance, hangars, aircraft services, ground support
  • Expert Hospitality: Courtesy cars and bicycles, negotiated rates with hotels and rental cars, travel recommendations, wine country's best catering
  • Modern Facilities: new hangar space, pilot lounge, conference room, outdoor patio, wireless internet
  • Convenient Location: in the heart of northern California's wine country and the North Bay's business centers
  • Maintenance: onsite piston, turboprop, and jet maintenance
  • Safety & Security: NATA Safety 1st certified, control gates from ramp-side access to aircraft, 24 hour camera surveillance
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 0600-2100
After hours service available
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.99
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.99
Jet A Full service    $4.99
Discounts: Volume discounts and contract fuel.
Prices include all taxes.
Self serve 100LL located on south side of FBO/hangar.  
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From Carl Rossi on 19-Aug-2019

  Stopped at The Sonoma Jet Center on my way to and from Seattle last weekend, flying a Columbia 400. Airplane was efficiently marshalled and fuelled and Jessica at the front desk was all one could ask for in a CSR, and then some. I will certainly stop here again on my frequent trips to and from the Northwest. Lastly, the restaurant in the terminal building was far better than I expected it to be, was impressed by the sushi [spicy tuna roll] and it is within easy walking distance of the Jet Center. All in all a very positive experience.
From Daniel Lausevic on 06-Jun-2019

  I flew in today during a day of pleasure flying. The wine country area is SO beautiful and lush. I got to the ground after a diversion on approach and was greeted by the friendliest and most helpful FBO I've ever encountered. I was in need of a sectional and a way to charge my dying tablet. It had overheated sitting on my glareshield during fueling and it drained my battery. The owner drove me to the terminal and waited for me while I bought a fuel rod and then got into a great conversation about my plane. He drove me back to my plane. I seriously expected to get the cold shoulder because I was surrounded by private jets and I came in a little high performance single. No, they treated me like a king and I took off smiling despite heavy gusty 20+ kt crosswinds. Oh, I earned my landing there. I'm definitely coming back tomorrow because I accidently left my cellphone at their counter.
From Christopher Witzel on 25-Aug-2018

  We flew in for lunch at the Sky Lounge. They let us tie down for free and were super friendly despite not buying any gas or using any services. The lounge is a top notch facility. In the future I may try to use some of their services to compensate the awesome folks working there.
From Deborah Begley on 13-Jul-2018

  Sonoma Jet Center ground crew is amazing! Chris (everyone!) is professional, helpful and friendly. Experienced similar grand welcome the last time I was there. Exceptional customer service. Thank you!!!
From Christine Malcomson-Young on 12-Jul-2018

  5 small airplanes descended on Sonoma Jet Center flown by 99s meeting for lunch. Unbeknownst to us, there was a HUGE event brining 38 Private jets into the FBO as well. They were incredibly gracious and the line ops and customer service reps treated us like VIPs. A special shout-out to Chris who had to move our planes around like chess pieces to allow us to depart. Thank you Sonoma Jet, we'll be back. We promise to call ahead next time and maybe plan to arrive when it isn't quite so busy for you all!
From Glenn Reynolds on 07-Feb-2018

  I was on a check ride flight and we stopped for lunch. The staff was very polite and helpful. Lineman took my fuel order. Front desk was on the phone so we simply waved and went to lunch. After a great on field lunch, plane was fueled, invoice was ready and we returned to the mission. Excellent service
From Paulina Akaydin on 23-Jan-2018

  My husband and I visited Sonoma Jet Center many years ago, and I can still remember the quality of service the gentleman at the front desk provided. We flew in a 172 and were treated like a million bucks. From providing a complimentary bottle of wine to being super attentive to our needs- the staff at this FBO is way above average. We visit many FBO's around the country, and most of my experiences have been unmemorable/mediocre but Sonoma Jet Center has left a lasting impression on both my husband and me. I actually created an account with AirNav just to leave this review. Looking at the comments below, it's very clear these guys know what they're doing. I wish I got the gentleman's name at the front desk, because he deserves recognition for sure. Thanks guys for the great service!
From Loren Lancaster on 05-Jan-2018

  I experienced many features of the Sonoma Jet Center. Not only did I get fuel and use the various pilot resources, but I also worked with Ron to get some unscheduled maintenance work completed while I was there on vacation. There are three things that stood out for me at the Sonoma JetCenter. Everyone I interacted with was very friendly and eager to treat me like a new friend, not just the transient I was. They were more than generous in helping with maintenance, parking, fuel, snacks, cold water, access to planning, etc. The prices they charged for every aspect was fair to good. They are very pilot friendly people and their owners take good care of their employees. Originally I parked at the Kaiser FBO, but strangely found them actually recommending Ron and the Jet Center for my needs. The Jet Center bent over backward to relocate my plane to their facility. The rest after that was just a joy with every service reliably provided. I can't wait to return for more fuel and maintenance.
From Robert Wright on 03-Oct-2017

  Sonoma Jet Center sets the Gold Standard for customer service. When we arrived, the rental car was plane-side, even though we had reserved through the agency rather than the FBO. At each step, we were treated like royalty, even flying a Mooney. The courteous and professional staff anticipated our requirements like clockwork, from arrival to departure. The owners, Josh and Julia, are personally involved in the operations and their attention to detail shows.
From Mike Arnold on 23-Jul-2017

  Great customer service staff (Thanks Madison!!) and I really appreciate when the president of the company is out there huffing bags and checking on my PC-12 when we're surrounded by Galaxies and Gulfstreams,
From Michael Cox on 02-Jul-2017

  Amazing experience with Sonoma Jet Center. We were marshaled in by a very nice young gentleman who helped offload our luggage and bantered back and forth with our two boys. He brought the crew car up to the plane and later that night met us when we came back to depart. The staff inside gave us some great tips and was all smiles. Even in a C172, we felt like appreciated and valued customers. We will be back. Soon. Top notch experience.
From Joe Labrie on 30-Jun-2017

  First time visitor to the airport. Blew out a main tire at landing. Ron at Sonoma Jet Center and the maintenance crew jumped right on it and had it replace in a couple hours. Great service and a Great team of people. Made it home for dinner later that night...In Los Angeles
From Glenn Reynolds on 05-Jun-2017

  Arrived in a piston and got enthusiastic service from a team which really went out of their way to let me know they appreciated my patronage. We stopped in for one of the best burgers at the on field restaurant and look forward to returning. I highly recommend the Jet Center
From Alfred Jones on 27-May-2017

  Another great experience at Sonoma Jet. Very friendly people, prompt and courteous service. Chanced to see Josh, the owner again. He remembered us and got out of his car to chat, which is always a marvelous feeling. I've landed a piston single-engine in all of the Lower 48. There are very few FBOs that measure up to Sonoma Jet.
From Richard Greb on 07-Apr-2017

  Another great experience with Sonoma Jet Center.
From Stan Demski on 04-Nov-2016

  Flew in today in a single engine piston and pulled up to the front of this FBO and was greeted by the friendliest line guy I have ever met. Went inside and the staff was equally friendly to my passenger and myself. They promptly took my fuel order, offered the use of a crew car, and offered bottled water. Within minutes we were on our way to an appointment. I have been to many FBOs over the years and this one has the best service and staff I have ever experienced. When we returned the plane was fueled and ready. Way to go Sonoma Jet Center, somebody deserves some credit for hiring and training the best people in this business. I definitely will return.
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