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Truth or Consequences Municipal Airport

at Truth or Consequences Municipal Airport

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From Jim Ivey on 21-Dec-2019

  Very nice and friendly. Great service and courtesy car available. Made us feel like friends. Highly recommended.
From Ron Orozco on 16-Jun-2019

  New airport manager Blair did a great job helping out during my fuel stop at T or C. Low cost gas and quick turnaround. Also note, the Local Chamber of Commerce has made a courtesy car available for trips to town for a visit to hot springs and/or great restaurants. THANKS BLAIR!
From Alireza Alivandivafa on 29-Apr-2019

  Fuel stopped here, on a long XC trip. The gentleman working at the trailer that serves as the "FBO" couldn't have been nicer. Fuel was full serve, but very cheap. The trailer has very good AC, which helps there in the summer, so I'd really have no interest in pumping my own anyway. They have the world's oldest vending machine, but it still dishes out cold sodas. They have a phone you can use to call FSS and Albuquerque Center can be reached on the ground.
From Brian Anderson on 25-Nov-2018

  My wife and I chose to fly to TorC for my first "solo" flight after completing my upgrade training to the C182RG. I'm sorry I forgot the gentleman's name that helped us and service the plane. He was very helpful and answered a lot of questions about the area. They DO have a courtesy car. For the time being it's Full Service but fuel prices is much less that here at KABQ ($4.60 vs $5.65). Construction has already started to put in self-service pumps, which should be done by spring 2019.
From Joe Bechtold on 14-Dec-2017

  Great place to stop for fuel on a cross-country flight. Mark was very helpful; hopefully next time I'll have time to take him up on his offer to borrow the courtesy car and pop into town for a dip in the hot springs.
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