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Tracy Municipal Airport

at Tracy Municipal Airport

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From WD Lewis on 01-Mar-2018

  Beware that what the meter says and what your receipt will come out may be different. I stop by there whenever I'm in the area from San Carlos, (30 min flight) I put 61.5 gallons in according to the meter. Then the receipt came out and I got charged for 62.5 Gallons. Granted at @4.19 a gallon that just raises the price per gallon around 7 cents but I just felt taken. Nancy in the office was very gracious and said this had never happened, (the flight school said someone had just complained several days before). Unfortunately the only way to get reimbursement is to go back to the airport at Tracy and pick it up. I know, it's only $4.19...
From Gordon Feingold on 27-Dec-2016

  Nice airport, with a busy flight school. Newly-paved RW30. For kerosene burners, note that Jet-A is only available from the self-serve island, not a truck, and it is not pre-mixed (no additive).
From Robert McMeekin on 06-Aug-2015

  Nearly a year since our last visit here from east coast, but still the same great little airport that we highly recommend. Runway improvements in progress and only one runway was available, but it looks like the work is almost complete. Self-service fuel is a little quirky (looks like card not accepted, but keep going, it works). Ron and Lauren in the FBO are very helpful, and city is fortunate to have such good ambassadors. Talked with pilot examiner Vincent Natro who was also enthusiastic about airport. Be sure to ask about access to the airport if you need to get to plane after hours. Hertz will drop off car at airport, and drive to SFO is only about an hour. Great weather here makes this our go-to airport, rather than airports closer to San Francisco were fog often limits flying.
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