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Million Air Tallahassee

at Tallahassee International Airport

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Catering
  • Rental cars
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Courtesy cars (free for pilots to use in the local area)
  • Pilots lounge / snooze room
  • Public telephone
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
Aviation fuel services
Brand: World Fuel Services
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100LL Avgas Self service    $4.493
Jet A Full service    $5.57
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Contact information
Address:3254 Capital Circle SW
Tallahassee, FL 32310
United States of America
Telephone: 850-574-5671
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Tannon Tremayne on 06-Oct-2019

  Mixed experience. Based for a little under 2 weeks. Front desk was nice but communication was lacking between the morning and evening shifts. Twice during my stay I was promised to have my aircraft hangared overnight just for me to arrive the next morning and find out that it was never put inside and nobody had a clear answer as to why. This would've happened for a 3rd time had I not called and double checked with the evening shift to put the airplane into the hangar.
From Stephen Southworth on 14-Sep-2019

  I wish there was a way to give 2.5 stars. The night lineman was excellent. Gracious, efficient, friendly. The Saturday morning desk person...No. We arrived the night before with a rental car reservation (confirmed by phone that we would arrive after the 10 PM desk closing AND rental confirmation by email). Of course, no rental car. The night lineman was apologetic and recalled that we indeed DID have a rental car reservation, but no car, no contract. He was kind enough to provide us another rental car (not the intended one), and we agreed to call early the next morning to firm up the contract. At 7:25 AM the next morning the desk person insisted that it was my fault for not arriving by HER required 10 PM (that was never the plan). Her continued rudeness was no surprise (I've been there before). It's not like Million Air FBOs at other airports, which are great. But even other airport businesses around KTLH apologize for how Tallahassee Million Air treats its customers. Sad.
From Paul LaBorde on 30-Apr-2019

  Arrived on 04/21 from New Smyrna.... Great staff, friendly, and ready to address any concerns... Facility is fantastic.
From Tim Noto on 16-Apr-2019

  Seems to be a new day at Million Air TLH (Finally & Thank Goodness!) it appears that numerous long overdue changes have taken place and my last few visits have confirmed that! New Manager is EXCEPTIONAL! And very receptive to comments and complaints, but go easy on her, she's really doing the heavy lifting to make the long overdue changes. Keep up the great work! Bring Back Bryant Wade! Best Line Guy EVER!
From Darren Phillips on 17-Sep-2018

  I have always had an excellent experience flying into Million Air in Tallahassee. I come often to the DoubleTree by Hilton for business and the staff and ramp crew are always very helpful and accommodating. Rhonda is usually at the desk and is always a pleasure.
From Troy Kinsey on 28-Aug-2018

  Always great people here *but* the fancy coffee machine is another story. It's regularly out of service, and I'm told the repair team is far from the best in the java business. For an FBO of this caliber, customers deserve better. Many thanks to the front desk for brewing me a cup in the staff break room.
From Sue Folkringa on 22-Jul-2018

  We were stopped by weather, enroute to Oshkosh. After hours of waiting until a line of T-storms blew through, we headed to the airplane to leave, only to find a tire going flat. No one could offer help until Rhonda, customer service extraordinaire, showed up. She enlisted the help of Darrin, who helped properly diagnose the problem, and she helped us get ahold of Fred, the A&P from FlightLine (a M-F operation). By 8 p.M. On a Saturday night, Fred had our tire fixed, with a new tube. In the meantime, Rhonda found us a hotel for the night and provided us with transportation. She turned a very dismal situation for us, into a not-so-bad experience. We don't like the high fuel prices either, but I can't imagine our experience if we had only focused on the fuel price. Our heartfelt thanks to Rhonda, Darrin and Fred.
From Dan Horton on 18-Jun-2018

  $25 ramp fee, or buy fuel at $6.60 per gallon. $5 airport fee. Self-serve fuel closed.
From Brad Tribley on 11-May-2018

  Excellent customer service! Treated professionally regardless of type or volume of fuel purchased. Flew into TLH for a stopover. Staff was extremely helpful from shutdown to departure the following day. Linemen offered and gave me a ride to downtown when Uber was delayed. Definitely a great FBO with even better staff.
From Chuck Yanke on 11-May-2018

  Arrived after dark. The entire ramp was empty but parked us between two other aircraft a LONG way from the FBO, we where dropping off passengers and leaving. The worst was paying for fuel. I just got my UVair bill. We bought 312 gallons. After the cost of fuel Million Air had 11 additional charges. Thatís right 11. This added up to almost a $1 per gallon more. I suggest you do not stop unless you want to pay a LOT for fuel.
From Alec Walter on 08-Mar-2018

  I flew into TLH on March 2nd, 2017, and my experience with Million Air was wonderful. The line service guided me in and topped off my aircraft very quickly. The inside of the FBO building was very clean and orderly; in the middle of the lobby is a table full of snacks and drinks (including items such as coffee and cereal). At the front desk, Rhonda and Courtney were super helpful and courteous asking me if I ever needed anything else for my aircraft or me. Rhonda also showed me around the pilot lounge and offered me use of the shower/sleep room. The bathroom was spotless and the sleep room was tidy full of blankets, magazines, and two large reclining chairs. I also noticed there was a TV room across the hallway with more reclining chairs. The following morning, I departed from the FBO very pleased with the experience provided by Million Air and would definitely fly into TLH because of them.
From Clint Rutherford on 28-Feb-2018

  I flew into TLH on a Tuesday evening recently for a one-night layover and the next day, on departure, I drove up to the gate to gain ramp-side access and the call button was not working so I had to call via mobile phone. When I was let in, I activated my flashers and slowly drove to my airplane, a PC12, with no escort. No one, for one hour and fifteen minutes approached me, while preflighting on the front line or otherwise, to ask if I needed anything in furtherance of my intended flight. I observed line service addressing a few other departing and arriving flights during that time. I've frequented this destination FBO over a ten-year period in both large cabin corporate jets and turboprops, it cannot be overstated that it is obvious the level of customer service delivered on the ramp is seriously lacking. Lethargy ruled the day. Inside the FBO at the counter, the communication was professional, courteous, upbeat and prompt...Nice and corporate, unlike its line service component.
From Sam Lindsey on 27-Feb-2018

  Stopped in at TLH on a busy Saturday afternoon. This is a top notch FBO. Excellent line service and counter agents. True southern hospitality. Drinks, cookies, pop corn, etc. The self-serve fuel just east of the FBO is currently $5.05 / gallon.
From Michael Scott on 12-Feb-2018

  Flew in with 4 UH-60's. No cart to pick us up, but there were plenty on the flight line. Walk inside NO one said good morning or would you like fuel, nothing. Fuel truck did show up about an hour after landing even though I never asked for fuel. Pissed the refuel guy off and he coped an attitude after I told him we did not order fuel. Would have if werenít for the poor service. And yes Jet-A was well above everyone else's price, not surprised.
From Tim Noto on 26-Jan-2018

  This FBO could be so much more. It is let down by terrible management which translates to poor employee performance. Usually you park yourself, fuel prices are outrageous and service from top to bottom is beyond bad. The customer isn't always right, however the customer doesn't deserve your poor attitude Mr. Manager.
From Carlos Riquezes on 20-Dec-2017

  Worst service ever, the CSR don't even say hi, no line guy at my arrival, very rude people. The only line guy that I saw was on my departure, and this guy came from a great school that itís Banyan at KFXE. This guy rocks but the rest should be working somewhere else!!!!
From Sheldon Upthegrove on 06-Oct-2017

  Flew in 10/2/17 and was directed where to park. Filled the tanks with their very expensive full service fuel. Still charged me a small $5 ramp fee for the overnight stay. No one came out to assist in unloading the luggage with a golf cart like they used to, even though I saw a guy running around by himself in one the whole time I was there. Front Desk was nice enough though.
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