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at University-Oxford Airport

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From Mark Dymond on 29-Oct-2019

  Inquired about pkg for an Arrow for 3 nights on a NON-FOOTBALL weekend. It is $40/night with 1st night waived w/fuel buy. On a football weekend its $170/night! Would have like to tour the college town and check out restaurants/shopping etc. But passed due to the high fees.
From John Kauffman on 08-Sep-2019

  After traveling to most venues in the SEC I was shocked to see a $170 dollar fee tacked on to my 100-gallon fuel purchase. This was particularly surprising when we called the day before to find out details for the game and we were told that landing fees are waived with the purchase of fuel. It was listed as a special event fee. I am guessing that a special event fee differs from a landing fee. It was an SEC game but no other airport we have encountered has anything like this. We have had wonderful experiences all throughout the SEC, but this is the ONLY time we will ever travel to KUOX.
From Reddoch Williams on 22-Oct-2018

  What a ripoff! Arrived in my 210, told to mush my way through wet grass and soggy ground to park, hoping my plane wouldn't stick in the soft ground. Charged $50 fee for parking - I never even touched a ramp. Then would not accept cash for payment. What is wrong with those folks? Abuse of citizens by a government owned FBO for no good reason other than having a monopoly!
From Lynn Watson on 07-Sep-2017

  Beware!!! On there website now for Game Day Special Events Fees A Special Events Fee Will Be Assessed for ALL Ole Miss Home Games! Credit Card or Check accepted, No Cash (Special event fee is NOT waived with purchase of fuel.) Special Event Fees are charged in place of Ramp Fees on Game Day. Ramp Fees for all other days are charged as normal. Special event fees are as follows Single Engine/Twin aircraft $100 Turboprop single/light $200 Turboprop med/large $400 Jets small/med $400 Heavy jets $700 Helicopters $200 Piston Aircraft will be parked in the grass alongside the runway (weather permitting).
From Mike Grossberg on 02-Sep-2017

  Landed August 26, for fuel. Prompt service, nice facility.
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