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Vandalia Park District

at Vandalia Municipal Airport

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From Jacques Raissiguier on 27-Jan-2018

  Stopped to buy 200+ gallons of Jet A three days ago, I tried 5 different credit cards but the machine had no network connection. Called the two numbers that were on the pump to get help, no one ever called me back. Had to go to 3LF to fuel, got lucky that I had enough to get there.
From Steve Guetter on 03-Jan-2017

  Stopped on a CC from FL to MN for fuel. Nice facilities. The SS pump would not read the first two cards we tried an Amex and a Visa. A third Visa finally worked, they did have a number on the pump for assistance if needed, so I knew we would get help if it had not worked.
From Martin Towsley on 05-Dec-2016

  Dropped in for fuel, excellent price at $3.75/gallon. Nice airport and well kept, easy to use fuel pumps. I went into the airport building and was amazed at how nice it is. As noted in another comment, snacks and drinks available and nice, clean bathrooms. Vandalia definitely has pride in their airport and it shows.
From John Hiatt on 19-Jun-2016

  Stopped for fuel between NC and IA. Typical, easy to use self serve pump, runway in good condition, newer building with very clean bathrooms, rest area, snacks and drinks in refrigerator on honor system with a place to make your special requests if you're a frequent visitor. Great stop.
From Frank Hanish on 19-Jan-2016

  Stopped in earlier this afternoon on a long cross-country. Nice airport...A/D building looks new; clean restrooms and lounge, etc. Self-serve was as found on 100LL...Nice! Nobody around.
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