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City of Cottonwood

at Cottonwood Airport

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From John Kilchrist on 30-Dec-2017

  Stopped in for a gas n go. Nice airport next to the Verde River. Gas pump is located near the middle of the ramp. Restrooms located on either end of the ramp. One is at the north end in the terminal building (green roof) and another is located on the south end at the end of the hangars. Easy stop no issues.
From Ken Nebrig on 23-Jun-2017

  I am based in Prescott (KPRC), but always fuel at Cottonwood. The fuel is blue, smells the same, and burns the same as the 100LL that flows from the Prescott self serve, but is nearly a buck and a half cheaper. Friendly locals and a courtesy car to boot. Non-Towered field, easy to get in, and don't have to mess with 20 Embry Riddle students in the pattern and trainee controllers. Big fan of Cottonwood!
From Gary Charlebois on 01-Aug-2016

  Hose is not that bad, used worse. Just keep an eye around your clothing like always.
From Scott Gregory on 23-Jan-2016

  Really nice to have a source of significantly lower priced avgas in central Arizona, but beware of the fuel hose. It is almost impossible to fuel without getting lots of black rubber from the hose on your hands and clothes. Gloves are almost a must, or else count on having to go to one of the two restrooms to wash your hands. Light colored pants will have to go in the wash when you get home.
From Terry Hemmen on 21-Sep-2015

  WX freq is 122.7..Local phone number is 928-634-0916.... Cottonwood always is the best price for fuel in Northern Arizona... Currently is $1.66 less (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT) than Prescott which is 19 miles southwest. Easy to fuel up.. Local crew car available.
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