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ID City Name
88TNAltamontPiney Creek Airport
TN47ArlingtonNeedham's Airport
71TNBaileytonKraschenbern Airport
96TNBakewellMount Bakewell Airfield
40TNBean StationCloud 9 Aerodrome
1TN3BelvidereWagner Field Airport
39TNBig SandyBig Sandy Airpark
4TN1BirchwoodHappy Landings Airport
98TNBlaineLanding at River's Edge Airport
4TN0BlaineMelton Field Airport
TN58BrightonParsons Field Airport
1TN9BristolCrumley Field Airport
6TN9BurnsDripping Springs Farm Airport
9TN2CamdenMeadowlark Airport
TN27Chapel HillRacecar Airport
TN77ChapmansboroWhifferdill Airport
04TNChuckeyHensley Airpark
77TNChurch HillDarnell's Field Airport
45TNChurch HillDarnell's Landings Airport
TN23ClarksvilleTitan Field Airport
19TNClarksvilleFerraraccio Field Airport
TN53ClarksvilleParr Field Airport
36TNClarksvilleRuckman Field Airport
95TNClarksvilleBlue Ridge Field Airport
01TNColliervilleColonial Air Park
TN70ColliervilleBurkeen Field Airport
06TNColumbiaHunter Airport
51TNColumbiaGlendale Field Airport
5TN9CookevilleOne Grand Field Airport
TN80CookevilleSchiff Airport
4TN6CookevilleHolder Field Airport
9TN7CovingtonBaskin Airport
8TN9CovingtonBull Run Airport
4TN2CrossvilleBuck Creek Ranch Airport
9TN5CulleokaAskey Field Airport
86TNDandridgeDumplin Field Airport
21TNDandridgeRay's Stall Airport
8TN7DoverShort Creek Airport
2TN8DowelltownSoggy Bottom Airport
3TN3DresdenWayne's World Airport
4TN4EadsCotton Field Airport
8TN1EadsParker Airport
TN18EadsRichardson Strip Airport
TN14EaglevilleT-Top Airfield
TN07EaglevilleHawk Haven Airfield
9TN1EaglevilleVersailles Aerodrome
TN67Estill SpringsMyers-Smith Airport
65TNFall BranchRoach Farm Airport
20TNFall BranchLiley Field Airport
8TN3FarragutRaby Airpark
08TNFayettevillePTC Airport
6TN7Grand JunctionSt Somewhere Airport
93TNGrayCenter Field Airport
5TN4GreenbackMcGraw's Backyard Airport
0TN2GreenbackVillage Airport
4TN5GreenvilleTommy's Field Airport
2TN2Hickory ValleyWings Field Airport
7TN5Hickory ValleyFlying D Airport
TN21HohenwaldPalmer Village-Napier Lake Airport
TN16HuntingdonHuntingdon Airport
4TN9JacksonSouthfork Airport
5TN2Johnson CityWindmill Hill Airport
97TNJonesboroughKite Field Airport
17TNJonesboroughMurphy Field Airport
5TN5JonesboroughThomas Field Airport
3TN0KingsportIndian Springs Airport
12TNKingstonRiley Creek Airport
2TN7KingstonWolf Creek Airport
TN98KnoxvilleSky Ranch Airport
TN94KnoxvilleRobertson Farm Airport
TN44LafolletteDeerfield Resort Airport
TN96LebanonFall Creek Field Airport
1TN0LebanonCedar Crest Field Airport
10TNLebanonFlatwood Field Airport
9TN9LebanonToy Box Airport
TN26LebanonTK Farm Airport
80TNLenoir CityBig T Airport
3TN8Lenoir CityMassingale Airport
TN71Lenoir CityCox Farm Airport
TN74Lenoir CityWill A Hildreth Farm Airport
TN12LewisburgHudgin Air Airport
2TN3LewisburgRocky Acres Airport
44TNLouisvilleStone Field Airport
00TNManchesterRagsdale Road Airport
TN87MaryvilleMontvale Airpark
TN56MaylandCarey Airport
TN43MemphisIsle-A-Port Airport
3TN6MemphisWilson Field Airport
2TN4MillingtonShoemaker-Shelby Forest Airport
41TNMiltonStonewall Airpark
43TNMorrisonRoseanne Airport
66TNMorrisonBasham Field Airport
4TN3MoscowHawks Nest Airport
8TN4MosheimFlaglor Airport
0TN5MurfreesboroMc Donald Airport
7TN3MurfreesboroStones River Airport
TN65MurfreesboroLong Meadow Airstrip
TN68MurfreesboroGibson Airport
TN83MurfreesboroCedar Glade Aerodrome
8TN6MurfreesboroRachel's Landing Airport
02TNMurfreesboroEllis Field Airport
TN79NashvilleOakley Airport
TN97NashvilleTriune Airfield
TN50New HopeIndian Hill Farm Airport
TN30NiotaCub Haven Airport
0TN6NorrisRiner Farm Airport
7TN4OaklandPegasus Field Airport
TN08Oliver SpringsOliver Springs Inc Airport
42TNParisOliver Landing Airport
50TNParisParis Landing Airpark
7TN1PelhamKrashinsky Airfield
TN09PhiladelphiaFergusons Flying Circus Airport
TN66PikevilleAustin Field Airport
6TN1PleasantviewWeakleys Field Airport
7TN0PleasantviewBlue Bird Field Airport
TN36RipleyFlying I Ranch Airport
1TN2RogersvilleKay Airport
TN01RosemarkRay Airport
TN20SeymourSeymour Air Park
3TN4SeymourKenner Farm Airport
1TN8SeymourInto the Wind Airport
TN10Sharps ChapelLake View Airport
TN13Sharps ChapelOld Valley Airport
8TN2ShelbyvillePleasant Grove Airpark
TN11SneedvilleMountain Outlaw Airport
TN85SpencerHogue Airport
TN41Spring City100 Aker Wood Airport
0TN0Spring HillR & S Buzzard Airport
3TN9SpringfieldHolenthawall Airport
9TN4SpringfieldForeman Field Airport
8TN5SpringfieldNobuzzn Airport
TN64SweetwaterWest Wind Airpark
TN17SweetwaterVintage Field Airport
TN02TelfordTelford Overlook Ferguson Field Airport
85TNTellico PlainsTellico Plains Municipal Airport
TN37TooneAnderson Airport
TN39TullahomaAmacher Strip Airport
6TN4TullahomaThe Aviation Valley Airport
07TNVonoreCorntassel Airport
38TNWestmorelandSugar Grove Airport
TN89WhitwellPossum Bottom Airport
TN52WinchesterKing Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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