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ID City Name
1WI8AlgomaJorgensen - Stoller Airport
3WI0AlgomaCarnot Field Airport
WS36AlmondSwan Field Airport
WS14AmherstLake Ell Field Airport
WI61ArenaForseth Field Airport
28WIArkansawRutherford Airport
WI51ArlingtonDel Monte Airport
52WIAthensJohn's Field Airport
29WIBabcockWhittlesey Cranberry Company Airport
WI14BaldwinBaldwin Airport
WI29BaldwinRush River Airport
4WN5Balsam LakeDavid Randall Airport
34WIBarabooThiessen Field Airport
WS19BayfieldPetit Cache Airport
WS25BeecherShangrila Airport
WN11BeecherRed Roof Airport
31WNBerlinBerlin Field LLC Airport
WI55BerlinBroken Prop Airport
3WI3BeventPlover River Airfield
WN98BirchwoodFlorida North Airport
6WI6BirchwoodDrew 9 Airport
WI66Black EarthHallick Farm Airport
7WI4Black River FallsLewis Airport
WI49BlairBlair Airport
WI18BloomerGateway Airport
WI56BloomingtonC Jeidy Farms Airport
WS91BoscobelSky Hollow Airport
WI58BristolWinfield Airport
WN63BristolBristol Airport
04WIBristolDutch Gap Airstrip
WI95BristolBinzel Airport
7WI5BrooklynSyvrud Airport
WN90BruceTaylorport Airport
WI10BruleCedar Island Airport
7WI8BrusselsCrispy Cedars Airport
WI21CadottCrane Field Airport
WI60CecilDeer Haven Ranch Airport
75WICedar GroveSmies Airport
WI62CedarburgSSS Aerodrome
40WICentervilleSchubert Airstrip
30WIChambers IslandChambers Island Airport
WS13ChetekCloud Dancer Private Airport
3WN6ChetekKnutson Farms Airport
3WI9Chippewa FallsRosenbaum Field Airport
3WN8Chippewa FallsBlunt Field Airport
4WI0Chippewa FallsWissota Airport
WI32Chippewa FallsT-Bo Field Airport
3WI6ClintonMelin Farms Airport
WI52ClintonvilleSchewe Airport
5WI8ColemanErmis-Ridgeview Airport
6WN6ColumbusFountain Prairie Airport
0WI1ComstockMort's Landing Airport
WI98CooksvilleBlackburn Airport
4WI9CornellCornell Municipal Airport
87WICottage GroveQuale Airport
59WICottage GroveLittle Wheel Field Airport
4WI2CrandonIsland View Airport
WI43DaleyvilleAtkins Ridge Airport
WI65DaneDane Airport
5WN2DaneEberle Ranch Airport
05WIDarienAmes Private Airport
WS12De ForestElert Airport
9WS2De PereAntique Aerodrome
WS43De PereBirch Creek Airport
6WI3DelavanBountiful Acres Airport
22WNDodgevilleSouthwind Airport
83WIDorchesterJones Airport
WI09DousmanHeitman Field Airport
1WN1DundeeKettle Moraine Airport
WI25DurandDurand Municipal Airport
WI74DurandBuck Knob Airport
WN99DurandHayes Road Airport
35WIEast TroyBarker Strip Airport
WI69East TroyAir Troy Estates - Restricted Airport
55WNEau ClairePritchard Field Airport
4WI5Eau ClaireCarlson Airport
53WIEau ClaireHeyoka Field Airport
WI26Eau ClaireMertinkes Airport
61WIEdenDinnerbell Airport
WI99EdgertonTru Field Airport
WI00ElandNorrie Brook Airport
WS69ElevaLog Cabin Airport
WI05Elk MoundStocktrade Airport
WI70ElkhornSwan Airport
41WIElkhornPaddock Field Airport
86WIElkhornTerhark Airport
8WN8Ellison BayMave's Lakeview Road Airport
85WIEmeraldCub Bear Airport
WI73EurekaHappy Jacks Air Strip
1WI3EvansvilleBuzzy Field Airport
26WIExelandKitty-Wompus Airport
7WI0FerryvilleTurkey Bluff Airport
2WN7FiskPlaneacres Airport
WI76Fort AtkinsonMaggies Farm LLC Airport
47WIFort AtkinsonOakbrook Airport
1WI9Fort AtkinsonBlackhawk Island Airport
WS49Fort AtkinsonChristie Aerodrome
4WI8GalesvilleCarhart Farms Airport
WI77GermantownWillow Creek Airport
WS39GoodnowPinewood Air Park
2WN6GrantonCunningham Airport
WS77GrantsburgCircle T Airport
88WIGreen BayNicolet Airport
WI78Green BayMartins Aerodrome
2WS3GreenleafC R Acres Airport
WI79GreenwoodTown Line Airport
WN75HartfordErin Aero Airport
WI81Hazel GreenRigdon Private Airport
48WIHazelhurstCircle A Ranch Airport
WS67HerbsterVietmeier Airport
36WIHolmenHolland Air Park
09WIHolmenParkway Farm Strip
WI22HortonvilleRocket City Airport
9WI1HortonvilleBlack Otter Airport
32WIHortonvilleDalonia Airport
02WIHudsonBeer Airport
58WIHustisfordRiegleman Field Airport
5WI6IndependenceIndependence Airport
WS45IrmaCircle K Airport
WI84JanesvilleJohnstown Center Airport
76WNJanesvilleHacklander Airport
89WIJonesdaleTuschen Airport
WI86KansasvilleOri Airport
WI80KendallPisha Farm Airport
WI89Lake GenevaLake Geneva Aire Estates Airport
17WILake MillsHa-Rail Airport
WI31Lake NebagamonMinnesuing Airport
WI36Lake TomahawkDolhun Field Airport
4WN3LakewoodLakewood Airpark
90WILaonaHeritage Acres Airport
WI91LarsenLarson Airport
9WN5LodiLodi Lakeland Airport
8WI6LuxemburgFunk Aerodrome
WI92LyonsWag-Aero Airport
5WN9Maiden RockOttman Landing Airport
9WI2MaribelFlying Dollar Ranch Airport
5WI4MarinetteLarson Airport
13WIMarkesanNowatzski Field Airport
WI97MarshallMathaire Field Airport
WI27MenomonieSkyport Airport
2WI5MercerBlair Lake Airport
5WI5MerrillHaymeadow Airport
WS23MerrillR & S Landing Strip Airport
92WIMerrillKnight Aire Airport
WN44MerrillPodeweltz Airport
WI87MerrillPine River Airport
WI50MerrimacLoeber McDaniel Field Airport
WI16Mineral PointJim Benson Field Airport
WI33MinongBen Sutherland Airport
0WI2MonchesDoering Farms Airfield
94WIMondoviThe Farm Airport
63WIMonroeFlying H Airport
WS96MonroeHughes Airport
0WI4MontelloSnow Crest Ranch Airport
WI19MontelloCacic Airport
9WI3MorrisonBuchholz Farm Airport
WN85MorrisonvilleMorrisonville International Airport
WI53MosineeMaguire Field Airport
56WIMosineeJaks Field Airport
WS16MosineeScherrico Meadows Airport
87WSMosineeValhalla Airport
WI24Mount HorebCardinal Ridge Airport
37WIMount HorebDocken Field Airport
2WI7Mount VernonHecklers' Strip
2WN5NecedahMurmuring Springs Airport
67WINecedahAccurate Airport
0WI7NeenahWith Wings and a Halo Airport
91WINekoosaGottschalk Field Airport
55WINekoosaCranmoor Airstrip
WI12NeshkoroWood Tick Strip Airport
73WINew AuburnVetterkind Strip Airport
9WI4New BerlinFaken Airport
2WN3New LondonCurns Airport
WS76New LondonBlack Dog Farm Airport
WI72North CapeValhalla Airport
0WI8OconomowocOconomowoc Airport
WN46OconomowocBattle Creek Airport
WI37OjibwaRainbow Airport
2WI8OostburgDavies Airport
WI40OregonSpiegel Field Airport
15WIOregonPeterson Field Airport
0WI9OregonMc Manus Hoonch-Na-Shee-Kaw Airport
WS33OregonStorytown Airfield
WI11OrfordvilleMumm Field Airport
WN86OsceolaSt Croix Valley Airport
WS17OshkoshPioneer Airport
51WIOshkoshGallinger Airport
1WI1OshkoshWilliams Airport
WS02OxfordPolish Paradise Airport
2WI9OxfordBulldog Ranch Airport
9WI5PalmyraTamarack Airport
WS06Park FallsSpringstead Airport
WI90PembineMaverick Field Airport
25WNPepinLittle Plum Creek Airport
8WI2PlainfieldRunway Leasing Inc Nr 1 Airport
5WI2PlainfieldPlainfield International Airport
WN09PlainfieldBucky's Airpark
8WI3PloverRunway Leasing Inc Airport Nr 2
9WI6PolarKitty Hawk Estates Airport
WS28PortageColeman Airport
10WIPoundBuds Landing Airport
WS29PoundTachick Field Airport
19WIPrairie FarmErickson Field Airport
6WI0Prairie FarmCub Acres Airport
65WIPrescottSTOL Airport
1WI6Raymond TownshipAero Estates Airport
1WI7RedgraniteBuzzards Roost Airport
20WIRedgraniteHarju Airport
3WI8RedgranitePlantation Pine Airport
WI42RhinelanderPine Grove Airport
WS78RhinelanderRiver Valley Airport
7WI7Richland CenterSpringhill Field Airport
7WI2RioHiggins Airport
4WI1RioBancroft East Airport
WI28Rio CreekWalter's Agri-Center Airport
WI67RiponBennett Field Airport
WS46RiponJ & L Aviation Airport
6WI2River FallsSt Croix Riviera Airport
WS41RobertsRusmar Farms Airport
0WS7RockdaleRockdale Airport
38WIRoyaltonNorthport Airport
4WN9SalemDigger Dougs Airport
6WI4SaxonSaxon Airport
WI47ScandinaviaTimberline Airport
WS55SharonBarten Airport
8WI1ShawanoDillenburg's Airport
WN03SheboyganVan Der Vaart Airport
WS51Soldiers GroveLeeward Farm Airport
44WISpencerStoiber Airport
80WISpring LakeSpring Creek Airport
9WI8Spring PrairieFletcher Airport
23WNSpringbrookWillie's Airport
5WI1SpringbrookSpringbrook Airport
2WI4SpringfieldPlows & Props Airport
WS71St Croix FallsFlying J Airport
1WN3Star PrairieDanielson Field Airport
6WN5StockholmAirwolfe Airport
14WSStone LakeLakewood Lodge Airport
2WI1StoughtonUff-Da Airport
2WI6StoughtonMatson Airport
95WIStoughtonWisersky Airport
3WN9StrumBrion Memorial Airport
9WI9SuperiorCarlson Airport
97WIThorpNorth Fork Airport
4WI4TomahawkTurner Airport
99WITwo RiversGoins Airport
WI03Union GroveHorner Farms Airport
3WI1Union GroveOlson's Airport
WI46Van DyneFun-Air Airport
WS62VeronaSugar Ridge Airport
88WSVeronaOttos Airport
39WIViolaJ & B Airport
3WN2WashburnOld Dairy Airport
3WI2WaterlooTesmer Airport
5WI3WaterlooDer Schwarzwald Airport
WS74WatertownAl's Airway Airport
66WIWatertownJ-3 Cub Field Airport
00WIWaupacaNorthern Lite Airport
WI07WaupunWaupun Airport
5WN8WausauKnight Sky Airport
3WI4WausauFlying 'O' Airport
06WIWausaukeeLazy River Airport
9WN2WebsterVoyager Village Airstrip
WS81WebsterAlpha Hotel Airport
2WS2WebsterConnor's Lake Landing Airport
82WIWhitelawTriple S Ranch Airport
3WI5WhitewaterClover Valley Airport
9WN1WinneconneCourtney Plummer Airport
65WNWiotaWhoopy Hollow Aerodrome
8WI0Wisconsin DellsWood Airport
JB01Wisconsin DellsClearwater Aero Estates Airport
WI13Wisconsin RapidsJennie's Field Airport
6WI1Wisconsin RapidsWinch Airfield
WI54WonewocNorthwood Airstrip
54WIWoodvilleFlyplassen Airport
45WIWoodvilleWindsong Farm Airport
7WI6WyocenaWeatherbee Field Airport
WN39WyocenaKnutson Field Airport
WS15WyocenaMill House Field Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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