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ID City Name
MU07AdrianAngle Bar M Airport
60MUAlbaLucky Weasel Airport
MO13AndersonB and S Farms Airfield
38MOAnnadaBarber Airport
03MUArchieMc Donnell Airport
MU35ArkoeTallen Airport
4MO8AthertonMartens Airport
MU06AtlantaShorten Airfield
MO77AvaArnika Ranch Airport
0MU1AvillaSunderland Airport
MU21BayMiller Farm Airport
16MOBeaufortFindley Field Airport
MU14BellePepper Field Airport
MO78BelleStickle Cattle Farms Airport
MO86BellflowerSanctuary Airport
MU26BeltonRobinson Airport
MU46BeltonArrowhead Airpark
MO81BismarckDove Airstrip
31MOBolckowHannah Airport
MU19BolivarCherokee Airpark
MU03BrookfieldStockwell Field Airport
23MOBrunswickShiloh Airpark
MU09Burlington JunctionHester Airport
MO23CaliforniaPhillips Field Airport
24MOCamdentonMistwood Airport
MO27CameronCCC Airport
25MOCarl JunctionCook Airport
MO22Carl JunctionJTA Asbell Field Airport
27MOCarthageRoute 66 Airfield
3MO5CarthageNimsick Airport
80MOCarthageSeiferd Field Airport
MO33CarthageBarlet's Base Airport
2MO6CarthageLee's Flying Park Airport
MU24CedarcreekBrass Lantern Airpark
2MO0CenterviewFletcher Field Airport
MO98ClevelandWilliams Airport
MO99Climax SpringsMiller Airport
MU11Climax SpringsEagle's Landing Airport
0MO0ClintonFerros Ranch-Aero Airport
MO74ColumbiaCedar Creek Airport
MU32ColumbiaSugar Branch Airport
MU23ColumbiaWhite Cloud Flying Field Airport
MU57ConwayFlib Field Airport
MO24CraigLonesome Sky Airport
0MO1CreightonFlying G Airport
MU62DrexelHilltop Airport
5MU5DrexelGjerde International Airport
MU98Eagle RockEagles Nest Airport
87MOEast LynneRichters Airport
69MUEastonBlazer Airport
MU63ElklandBlumenstetter Airport
93MOEllingtonCarr Creek Airport
0MO8ElsberrySloan's Airport
MO68Fair GroveEads Ridge Airport
MO14Fair GroveMarshall Field Airport
MO15Fair GroveC2K Airport
0MU9Fair GroveRPM Airport
MO58FairdealingWaldemer Flying W Ranch Airport
MU65FarmingtonLakeside Airport
61MUFaucettFarris Strip Airport
9MO3FaucettLawlor-Justus Airport
MU77FayetteAero Britton Airport
42MOFestusAire Parque Airport
98MOForistellWoodliff Airpark
66MOForistellAhlers Acres Airport
67MUFrankfordAir Cover Airport
MU22FredericktownJoseph Scott Airport
0MO3FreemanVeach Field Airport
MU48GainesvilleSunburst Ranch Airport
11MUGainesvilleRocky Top Airfield
1MO3GallatinLake Viking Airport
1MO4GallatinLandmark Manufacturing Corporation Airport
70MOGarden CityLovers Lane Airport
MO32GoldenTable Rock Airport
MO04GoldenBel-Voir Acres Airport
7MO7Golden CityMcGuire Airfield
MO82GorinHoward Airport
62MOGrain ValleyWashburn Farm Airport
61MOGrainvilleCarl Ensor Airport
44MUGranbyLynch Field Airport
1MO6GrandinDouble S Ranch Airport
MO30Gravois MillsHarbour Airport
1MO8Gravois MillsSherlock Field Airport
MO37HarrisonvilleRidgeview Ranch Airport
2MU9Hawk PointMonroe Field Airport
74MUHawk PointKoala-T Field Airport
MO93Hawk PointKeeven Air Ranch Airport
MU68HermannEu-Wish Airport
69MOHigbeeHess-McKeown Airport
MU73HighlandvilleSpencer Field Airport
MO89HillsboroChristian Outreach Airfield
MO71HoltBlock Air Village Airport
2MO2HoltNorthwood Airport
6MO3HoustonFlying 'E' Airport
MU25HoustonPiney Bend Airport
5MO6HurdlandVansickle-Davis Airport
0MO6HurdlandHarrison Airport
5MU9IrontonSky Ranch II Airport
08MOJasperTwin Oaks Airport
78MUJasperStony Branch Airport
55MOJonesburgTightsqueeze Field Airport
MO07JonesburgAdventures Aloft Airport
MO49JoplinFive Mile Airport
2MO9Kansas CityRunway Ranch Airport
3MO6KearneyKitty Hawk Estates Airport
MO26KearneyPeterson Farm Airport
MO64Kimberling CityKimberling Airport
MO65KirbyvilleMisty Meadows Airport
4MO2LancasterNewcomb Hereford Ranch Airport
30MOLebanonMatzie Airport
13MOLenoxDomeyer Airport
72MOLeslieSunnys Field Airport
MO09LewistownSharpe Farms Airport
MU97LexingtonLexington Municipal Airport
4MO4LibertyLiberty Landing Airport
6MU9LickingCraddock Field Airport
21MOLickingBaker Farm Airport
MU27LockwoodWoodfield Airpark Inc
MO95LockwoodCoose Field Airport
0MU7Lone JackLambs Field Airport
4MO9Lone JackFriends Field Airport
MU84Lone JackMichael Farm Airport
4MO6LouisianaMark Twain Air Park
78MOLynchburgSnouffer Field Airport
MU04MaldenBroadwater Airport
MO85MarshfieldWells Airport
65MOMatthewsMalone Airfield
6MU4MexicoFlying Shamrock Airport
MU38MilanBogard-Cowgill Airport
56MOMonettMc Clurg Airport
17MOMontgomery CityRGL Field Airport
MO45Montgomery CitySky-Vu Airport
MO43Montgomery CityWilkins Airport
4MO1Montgomery CityWehrman Airport
MO75MontroseBrownsberger Airport
4MO7Mound CityCrop Care Airport
77MOMount VernonSpringhill Airport
MO80Mountain GroveOak Ridge Airpark
MU83New HavenAir Port Hudson Airport
6MU5NorborneCarp Farms Airport
MO87Oak GrovePowis Airport
MU20OdessaRobbins Airport
6MO0Old MonroeBlackhawk Airport
MO25OsbornShatto Farm Airport
17MUOsbornB-B Airfield
MU31OsbornSaunders Field Airport
23MUOsceolaSean D Sheldon Memorial Airfield
6MO4OsceolaWixted Airport
MO48OwensvilleRed Oak Airport
MU70OzarkSkyview Airport
18MOOzarkGimlin Airport
6MO7OzarkRiverside Landings Airport
MO66OzarkLinden Air Airport
MU00ParisSamuel L Clemens Memorial Airport
MU13ParnellWray Airfield
MO11PerryBarron Aviation Airport
7MO1PerryWood Acres Airport
OMU9Pilot GroveKollmeyer Airport
7MO3PinevilleB S Ranch Airport
67MOPittsburgSki Harbor Airport
7MO4Platte CityFlintlock Field Airport
51MOPlattsburgPlattsburg Airpark
MO29Pleasant HillInter-State Airport
43MOPleasant HillRiordan Airport
37MOPoloMayes Homestead Airport
MO67Poplar BluffHayes Field Airport
MU88Poplar BluffYarbro Field Airport
3MO4PortagevillePenman Airport
40MOPrairie HomeDudes Landing Airport
MU41PurdyIngram Airport
1MU0RepublicMedcalf Field Airport
8MO3RichmondCurtis Field Airport
03MORichmondDorton Airport
1MU2RidgelySmitty's Landing Airport
2MO4RockvilleBreckenridge Airport
MO31RogersvilleRobert Jones Airport
MO18RogersvilleBill Lee Memorial Airport
36MORollaHarrison Private Airport
MU99RollaWalnut Glen Farm Airport
28MORoscoePasley Airport
8MO7RushvilleBean Lake Airport
1MU8RushvilleChurch's Landing Airport
9MO4SavannahWorth Airport
MO08SedaliaHoman Field Airport
MO00Shell KnobTurkey Mountain Airport
MO06Shell KnobDiscovery Bay Airport at Norwalk Landing
21MUShell KnobThe Peninsula Airport
5MO7Shell KnobPilots Point Airport
MO39SilexBaldwin Airport
54MOSilexHerrmann-Faulk Airfield
54MUSkidmoreBrown Field Airport
79MUSmithvilleDunham Airport
29MOSmithvilleRollert Farm Airport
92MUSmithvilleParks Field Airport
9MO5SpartaWakefield Wings Airport
39MOSpringfieldGardner Airport
64MOSt JosephBooze Island Airport
45MOSt PetersWaldmeister Farm Airport
96MUSt. JamesGreen Airfield
6MO2Ste GenevieveSte Genevieve Flying Club Airport
9MO6StoverIvy Bend Airport
MO01StraffordCuinche Airport
MO56TheodosiaLost Mine Airport
MO94TrimbleStarr Airport
02MOTroyTroy Airpark
MU89TroyWoodland Airstrip
MO72Van BurenFlying 'J' Ranch Airport
MO84ViburnumViburnum Airport
71MOWakendaFamuliner Farms Airport
06MOWaldronNoah's Ark Airport
07MOWarrensburgLake Sexton Airport
2MO7WarrentonFawn Lake Airport
MU02WarrentonC E F Airport
MU18WarrentonStark Airport
MO17WatsonGarst Airport
MU78WaynesvilleTaylor Field Airport
89MOWestlineBishop's Landing Airport
MO51WestonSchaback Strip Airport
2MO1WillardBird Field Airport
09MOWillardHogue Farm Airport
11MOWilliamsburgRedgate Ranch Airport
10MOWilliamsburgFlying V Ranch Airport
MO73WilliamsvilleRolling Shoals Farm Airport
79MOWilliamsvilleFaries Field Airport
1MO2WindsorWindsoar Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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