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ID City Name
OH82Adams MillsGraham Farm Airport
OH48AllianceAlliance Airport
OH32AllianceGray Airport
OH61AmandaAmanda Airport
3OH4AndoverRiceland Aerodrome
OA11AnnaHeitman Field Airport
OH34AnsoniaLeis Airport
OA04ArcadiaRutter Airport
OA23ArcanumHeins Field Airport
4OH8ArchboldHuffman Farm Airport
4OI7AvonR & M Aviation Airport
7OI1AyersvilleBlevins Airport
17OIBainbridgeHaas Airport
38OHBaltimoreIndustry Air Park
OH55BarlowRod's Sod Airport
1OH2BellevueDougherty Airport
OH86BellevueColvin Airport
6OH1BellevueMissler-Bellevue Airport
9OA9BellvilleBender Airport
OH38BelpreBlue Bird Airport
89OIBerlin CenterCircle C Airport
86OHBethelReed Field Airport
59OHBethelKelch Airport
OI72BlakesleeMarvin Thiel Field Airport
1OA3BlanchesterBarnett Airpark
6OH7Bowling GreenNietz Airport
6OH4Bowling GreenAring Field Airport
OH45Bowling GreenDrake Airport
6OH6Bowling GreenShelton Airport
11OABremenHide-A-Way Hills Resort Airport
62OHBremenWillard Field Airport
2OA1BristolvilleBristol Airstrip
20OHBristolvilleMosquito Strip Airport
OH46BrookvilleSchaney's Lair Airport
12OHBrookvilleMcGregor Airfield
0OH5ButlerFreeman Swank Farms Airport
OH42ButlerHawk's Nest Airport
OA00CambridgeTaildragger Airport
2OA6CambridgeHilltop Airport
OI89CamdenMite Airport
90OICamdenJoe Cimprich Airport
7OH2Canal FultonCanal Fulton Airport
51OICanal FultonClay's RV Airport
4OI8CanfieldBrocker Field Airport
7OH5CanfieldMahoning County Joint Vocational School Airport
OI58CantonLockeridge Airport
3OH7CardingtonMy Place Airport
95OHCareyTong Farm Airport
OI11CarrolltonHibbetts Airport
1OH3CastaliaMather Field Airport
OH99CecilStrable Landing Strip Airport
OI73CedarvilleWilliamson Airport
OH87CenterburgWhite Oak Field Airport
7OH8ChardonCurtis Airport
69OIChatfieldSchulze's Airport
33OIChatham TownshipSoaring Horse Airport
OI59ChesterMiller Airport
OH50CirclevilleLindsey L S Airport
4OI9CoaltonBaisden Airport
8OH3CoitsvilleJ and B Sky Ranch Airport
2OH7CollinsvillePfeiffer Field Airport
05OIColumbia StationDorlon Airpark
9OA8Columbia StationCrocker Airport
8OH4ColumbianaYork Aerodrome
75OAColumbusDarby Dan Airport
36OHConesvilleWright's Field Airport
8OH5CortlandUrban Airport
OH33CortlandGustavus Airport
8OI3CortlandAllen Airport
81OHCortlandOldstown Flying Tails Airport
6OH9CovingtonKemps Field of Dreams Airport
38OIDarbyvilleRonshausen Airport
63OHDarbyvilleWhite's Airport
OH57DelawareBerlin Station Landing Strip Airport
7OH3DelawareObi One Airport
63OIDelawareBowman Field Airport
3OH6DelphosYoungpeter Airport
OA14DennisonRoxford Airport
2OH8DerbyPort-O-John Airport
2OA4DonnellsvilleVictory Field Airport
8OH8DorsetAllen Airport
OA85DresdenRiverview Airport
9OI5East LibertyTransportation Research Center of Ohio Airport
OI38East LibertyHillview Airstrip
55OIEast PalestineAero Flight Center Airport
9OH1ElmoreHaar Airport
OH59FarmersvilleMc Intosh Airport
2OA7FelicityUtter Field Airport
27OHFindlaySchaller Airport
9OH8FindlayFerrell Airport
9OH7FindlayLutz Airport
72OIFindlayTathams' Airport
OH98FindlayBerg Field Airport
OH60Fort JenningsGerker Airfield
OI77FostoriaMc Ardle Airport
03OHFremontGibbs Field Airport
OH44GalenaHead Field Airport
OH21GalionHorning Airport
98OHGenevaPaine's Airport
OH12GenevaOld Hickory Airpark
9OH2GenoaToussaint Airpark
OH64GermantownHummel Airport
OH63GermantownJims Airport
3OH8GnadenhuttenGnadenhutten Airport
OH66GoshenObannon Creek Aerodrome
OH65GoshenAntique Acres Airpark
OI40GoshenHallelujah Field Airport
1OA2GraftonMole Airport
OI36GratisFarpoint Airfield
7OI5GraytownBea-D Airport
OI25GreenfieldRoss Field Airport
16OIGreenvilleTrump Airport
83OAGreenvilleHufford Field Airport
OH35HallsvilleMission Field Airport
OI57HamersvilleMc Kinney Field Airport
OH68HarrisonRaylene Airport
08OHHartfordKenley Airport
9OA5HebronBuckeye Airport
OI41HiramFar View Airport
OH92HopewellPorter Airport
10OHHuronZoellner Airport
8OI9IdahoMorkassel Field Airport
OI82JacksonRuss Airport
50OHJamestownAerodrome Les Noyers
OI52JamestownLyons Field Airport
33OHJeromeSunset Strip Airport
5OI8JohnstownMc Knight Airport
14OHKentonHeilman Airport
OH22KidronStoltzfus Airfield
2OH0KilbourneBohannan Airport
1OA8KilbourneErdy Farm Airport
0OI6KingsvilleVictor's Landing Airport
17OHKiptonKosik Private Airport
56OIKiptonDouble S Farms Airport
OI56KirkersvilleLee's Dogpatch Airport
18OHLagrangeJer-Mar Airpark
OH78LauraSwigart Airport
57OILawrencevilleLogan's Chance Airport
OH28LeesburgDonner Field Airport
OI31LeroyPheasant Run Airport
9OA4LewisburgGilmer Airport
40OILodiM C R Airport
OI01LoganLazy-W Airport
22OILordstownGiovannone Airport
9OI6LoudenvilleNesta Airport
7OH7LoudonvilleHeathcliff Airpark
24OHLouisvilleMilburn Airport
25OHLouisvilleHammond Airport
5OI0LovelandRohrer Airport
0OI9LucasvilleHidden Quarry Airport
28OHLyonsHouk Field Airport
4OH1MadisonSky Haven Airport
OH03MadisonWoodworth Airport
29OHMagnoliaFox Airport
5OH9MalvernFurey Airport
OI60MansfieldGorman Airport
32OHMansfieldRall Field Airport
OH97MantuaCarcioppolo Field Airport
75OIMarionSoltis Field Airport
34OHMark CenterArend Airport
OH07MarlboroSunset Strip Airport
2OA2MidlandMackie's Airport
60OIMilanZorn Acres Airport
OH93Milford CenterDarby Airport
OH15MinervaMinerva Airport
39OHMinervaCrosswind Meadows Airport
OH13MinervaBulick Field Airport
73OIMontvilleRick's Airport
OA12MorrowBuena Vista Farm Airport
OH95MorrowMaplewood Orchard Airport
OI28Mount GileadLanker Airport
OA10Mount OrabWorkman's Landing Airport
OH96Mount OrabNeals Airport
7OI0NapoleonChristy's Airport
7OI9NashportMassengill Airport
3OH0New CarlisleAndy Barnhart Memorial Airport
1OI6New LebanonStone Airport
06OINew LebanonGreen Acres Airport
OI42New LondonD A Chandler Airport
45OHNew RichmondBoober Airport
OH20NewarkFlyers Park Airport
40OHNewburyBucks Airport
8OI0NewburyBrannon Field Airport
42OHNewton FallsDunn Field Airport
43OINorth BaltimoreWindswept Airport
OA16North BendLost Bridge Airport
OA19North CantonKiko Farm Airport
OH19North CreekHiltner Airport
46OHNorth JacksonWetzl Airport
4OH3North LimaBieber Field Airport
87OINorwalkLake Air Ranch Airport
OH94Old WashingtonLa Rue Airport
4OH4OrientMillertime Airport
OH24OrrvilleMarkley Farm Airport
51OHOttawaAgner Airport
21OIOwensvilleClearwater Airpark
OI69PainesvilleBlackacre Farm Airport
53OHPauldingCharloe Airport
54OHPauldingBuehler Airport
1OH9PeeblesLewis Airport
OH29PetersburgPetersburg Airport
0OH8PiquaFry Airport
0OH7PiquaApple Airport
4OA8PiquaBowman Airport
6OI5Plain CityMitchell Airport
1OA1Pleasant HillBashore Airport
83OHPleasant HillAdams Strip Airport
58OHPut In BayRattlesnake Island Airport
1OH1QuincyS and S Field Airport
61OHRavennaJetway Airport
OI32RavennaStoney's Airport
5OH6RaymondOakhaus Landing Airport
OA07Rock CreekHemlock Field Airport
OI62RussellRataiczak Airport
0OI3SanduskyGalloway Airport
8OA9SevilleMargos Sky Ranch Airport
65OHSharon CenterWiita Farms Airport
2OH4ShauckCedar Creek Airport
5OI9SherwoodRogers Private Airport
34OIShreveMohican Airpark
67OHSolonHarper Ridge Airport
1OH8South CharlestonLisbon Airfield
0OH6Spring ValleyFry Field Airport
1OA4SpringfieldKepes Flying Field Airport
24OISt ParisReeds Airport
2OH2StauntonMerritt Airport
8OA7StockportBald Eagle Field Airport
45OIStrasburgPlane Country Airport
72OHSwantonZeigler Landing Strip Airport
OH18SycamoreFreefall Field Airport
73OHThompsonThompson Drag Raceway Airport
OI64ThompsonBush Field Airport
OH26ThompsonBirdland Airport
8OI5ThornvilleClum Airport
OH71TroyTroy Skypark Airport
2OH6TroySmith Field Airport
78OHValley CityValley City Flying Club Airport
7OH1Valley CityRauhaus Field Airport
18OIVickeryBoggy Bottoms Airport
8OA6VickeryWarner Airstrip
79OHViennaSmith-Stewart Field Airport
26OHWakemanRoss Airport
80OHWarrenSloas Airport
2OI2WaynesvilleAir Jordan Airport
43OAWaynesvilleAnderson Airfield
3OH1West AlexandriaMorningstar North Airport
49OHWest JeffersonSky Ranch Airport
OI06West MiltonWagner International Airport
2OI4Westfield CenterCrazy Bob's Airport
66OHWilliamsburgOld Boston Airport
06OHWilliamsfieldHal Joy Airfield
88OHWillistonChippewa Field Airport
5OI5WillshireHamrick Airport
OH77WilmingtonLumberton Airport
3OH9WilmingtonMerts Field Airport
66OIWoosterGorman-Green Airport
OI55WoosterScheibe Field Airport
91OHWoosterStine Field Airport
7OA7XeniaSkydive Greene County Inc Airport
OI91Yellow SpringsHammond Airport
OH36ZanesvilleRiverside Airport
9OI3ZanesvilleJohns Landing Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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