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WN53 Frontier Airpark
Lake Stevens, Washington, USA


Instrument Procedures

There are no published instrument procedures at WN53.

Some nearby airports with instrument procedures:

KAWO - Arlington Municipal Airport (5 nm NW)
S43 - Harvey Field Airport (12 nm S)
KPAE - Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field) (15 nm SW)
KOKH - AJ Eisenberg Airport (26 nm W)
KBVS - Skagit Regional Airport (26 nm NW)
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Area around WN53 (Frontier Airpark)
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Aerial photo
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Aerial photo of WN53 (Frontier Airpark)
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From to WN53

Sunrise and sunset
Times for 01-Dec-2022
Morning civil twilight07:0315:03
Evening civil twilight16:5200:52

Current date and time
Zulu (UTC)  01-Dec-2022 08:30:07
Local (UTC-8)  01-Dec-2022 00:30:07
5nm NW 
010756Z AUTO 00000KT 1/4SM FZFG BKN002 BKN025 M03/M04 A2957 RMK AO2 SLP020 T10281039 400441028 FZRANO
15nm SW 
010819Z AUTO 00000KT 2SM R16R/1600V4500FT BR FEW001 OVC015 00/M01 A2955 RMK AO2 T00001006
15nm SW 
010520Z 0106/0206 VRB03KT P6SM BKN012 OVC020 FM011000 35010KT P6SM SCT020 OVC030 FM011800 35010KT P6SM OVC035 FM020200 02006KT P6SM SCT050 BKN100
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