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ID City Name
94WAAberdeenWishkah River Ranch Airport
WA12AcmeAcme Field Airport
WA57AddyBluecreek Airport
WA00AlderdaleMercer Ranch Airport
WA79AmboyWalter Sutton's Private Strip
WA80AmboyMc Clellan Field Airport
WN07AnacortesDecatur Shores Airport
WN18AnacortesBecker's Landing Airport
89WAArlingtonWilliams Airpatch Airport
00WNAsotinHawks Run Airport
WA84AuburnAuburn Academy Airport
6WA3Basin CityGreen Acres Airport
WA87Battle GroundParkside Airpark
59ASBattle GroundBecker Field Airport
WA93BellinghamEliza Island Airport
WA90BellinghamFloathaven Airstrip
52WABengeHonn Farm Airport
51WABlack DiamondEvergreen Sky Ranch Airport
95WABlack DiamondBlack Diamond Airport
38WABlakely IslandBlakely Island Airport
WA96BremertonLeisureland Airpark
WA16BrooklynBanas Field Airport
5WA9Brush PrairieBrush Prairie Aerodrome
WN42BuckleyFlying H Ranch Airport
9WA7BuckleyAlbritton Airport
WA97BuenaBuena Airport
WN51BurlingtonBayview Farms Airport
WA99Castle RockFlying K Ranch Airport
WT44CathlametMichair Airport
79WACathlametRNR Farms Airport
78WACenter IslandCenter Island Airport
5WA7CentervilleWild Hair Airport
WA95CentraliaSkyqueen Airport
FA99ChehalisFantasy Field Airstrip
0WA1ChehalisDwight Field Airport
11WACheneyHomeport Airport
WA49CheneyFlying R Ranch Airport
WT04CheneySilverbird Airport
WT24CheneyReed Airport
63WAColbertBoyle R & D Airport
WA21ColbertSunshine Acres Airport
WA73ColvilleSmith Airport
WA72ColvilleZema Private Airport
WA14ConnellConnell City Airport
27WAConwayJC's Airport
WN10CougarMount St Helen's Aero Ranch Airport
WA15Coulee CityCoulee City Airport
WN40CoupevilleCoupeville Airpark
0WA2CurtisCurtis Airport
73WADavenport7 Bays Airport
WA18Decatur IslandDecatur (Jones) Airport
WT21Deer ParkRadial Flyer Airport
WN14Deer ParkPete's Airport
WA52Deer ParkDeer Flat Airport
4WA8DemingRiverside Airport
WA45Discovery Bay/MaynardOlympic Field Airport
90WAEast SoundWaldron Airstrip
WA35EastsoundClam Harbor Airport
WA39EastsoundCrow Valley Airport
WN04ElkElk Heights Airport
WN64EllensburgJ K D Farms Airport
79WTEllensburgRotor Ranch Airport
WT01EllensburgHillcrest Farms Airport
96VEEllensburgBeiter Airport
1WA7ElmaElma Municipal Airport
WN65ElmaMy Airport
84WAElmaD and B Airpark
WA77EnumclawEnumclaw Airport
WN76EnumclawBergseth Field Airport
WN87EnumclawBryan Airport
76WAEverettHeineck Farm Airport
96WAEverettJim & Julie's Airport
7WA3EversonWestwind Airport
1WA6Fall CityFall City Airport
WN35FerndaleMeadow Mist Airport
WA88FerndaleHorse Fly Airport
7WA4FordHumbert Airport
2WA3Friday HarborStuart Island West Airport
61WAFriday HarborBurden Field-(Rabbit Run) Airport
1WA9Friday HarborFriday West Airport
51WTFruitlandWhiterik Field Airport
03WNGoldendaleAerostone Ranch Airport
2WN9GoldendaleHillcrest Airport
9WA4GoldendalePiper Canyon Airport
2WA6Grand CouleeRice Ranch Airport
WA25Granite FallsGreen Valley Airfield
43IGGraylandGrayland Intergalactic Airport
WA22HansvilleMirth Airport
WA26HarrahHarrah Airport
3WA2HarringtonHanes Airport
2WA8HarringtonKramer Ranch Airport
73WTHooperMc Gregor Airport
2WA9HuntsvilleTouchet Valley Airport
3WA3KahlotusAngel Park Airport
3WA4KahlotusWatson Airport
4WA6KahlotusHille Airstrip
86WAKapowsinKapowsin Field Airport
WN08KendallKendall Airstrip
0WN2KennewickCoopers Landing Airport
05WNKettle FallsFlat Creek Field Airport
WA61KingstonThompson Airport
WA37KittitasChinook Farms Airport
WA46La CenterDaybreak Airport
WA29La CenterLa Center View-Air Airport
08WALaceyP-L Ranch Airport
WA30LacrosseLacrosse Municipal Airport
WN53Lake StevensFrontier Airpark
4WA2Little RockCricket Field Airport
00WALongbranchHowell Airport
4WA4LopezWindsock Airport
74WAMattawaMattawa Air Strip
91WAMattawaChristensen Bros Wahluke Strip
WN47Mc ClearyBear Valley Skyranch Airport
67WAMeadGreenbluff Meadows Airport
8AN6Medical LakeIsaacson Airport
97WAMesaBasin City Airfield
WN31MesaSlinkard Airfield
5WA1MesaDorman Field Airport
WN20MonroeVan de Plasch Airport
WA07Mount VernonBarker Airport
WA01NaselleWirkkala Airport
WN54Newman LakeEllerport Airport
16WANine Mile FallsTightcliff Airport
1WN0NorthportSchmidt Ranch Airport
57WANorthportCrown Creek Ranch Airport
75DCOakesdaleOakesdale Airport
WN48OakvilleKimbrel Farm Airport
WN88Ocean ParkMartin Airport
5WA8Ocean ShoresHogan's Corner Airport
6WA2OlympiaGower Field Airport
14WAOlympiaLZ Ranch Airport
0WN9OmakWings For Christ Airport
WN74OnalaskaBurnt Ridge Airstrip
WN59OnalaskaNelsons Nitch Airport
13WAOrondoRocky Pond Airstrip
6WA4OthelloOchoa Field Airport
WN26PalouseSchoepflin Airport
WT88PalouseHill Airport
12WTPalouseWalker Airport
6WA6PascoCarr Airport
WN33PascoColumbia Ag 2 Airport
WA24PascoPfister's Airport
53WAPascoColumbia Ag Airport
58WAPomeroyDye Seed Ranch Inc Airport
KNOWPort AngelesPort Angeles Coast Guard Air Station Airport
WN21Port AngelesLawson Airpark
7WA0Port AngelesBig Andy Airport
80WAPort HadlockSFS Airpark
4WA9Port OrchardPort Orchard Airport
WN13Port OrchardVaughan Ranch Airfield
WA42Port TownsendStacey's Airport
WA68Port TownsendSky Valley Airstrip
WN00QuilceneKimshan Ranch Airport
WA74QuincyQuincy Flying Service Airport
8WA0RainierFlying B Airport
3WA0RainierTaylor Airport
WN55RandleRandle-Kiona Airpark
WA08ReardanZwainz Farms Airport
82WNRiceMagee Creek Aerodrome
8WA5RitzvilleTree Heart Ranch Airport
9WA3River Bend LodgeRiver Bend Airport
WA09Roche HarborRoche Harbor Airport
04WNRoyal CityStillwater Creek Airport
4WA0Royal CityB & G Farms Airport
8WA6Royal CityChristensen Field Airport
0WN1SelahShangri-La Airport
WA76SelahDogs Run Free Airport
2WA1SequimDiamond Point Airstrip
WA59SequimRake's Glen Airport
WN29SequimBlue Ribbon Airport
WN23SequimGrand View International Airport
0WN0SequimRucilla's Roost Airport
WN49SequimBlue Heron Field Airport
6WA5Shaw IslandWilding Farm Airport
4WA1SkamaniaBrown's Cape Horn Airport
18JYSkamokawaSkamokawa East Valley Airport
WA04SnohomishKyles Airport
02WASouth PrairieCawleys South Prairie Airport
WA62SpangleParadise Air Ranch Airport
03WASpangleSpangle Field Airport
WN92SpokaneSky Meadows Airpark
04WASpokaneOx Meadows Airport
WN61SpokaneTai's Landing Airport
12WASpokaneFowlers NW 40 Airport
WN41SpragueRedfern Aerodrome
WA23SpringdalePine Bluff Airport
8WA7St JohnGossard Field Airport
15WAStanwoodSunset Airport
19WAStevensonKey Way Airport
7WA5Stuart IslandStuart Island Airpark
65WATeninoWissler's Airport
59WATeninoSorrell Airport
WN05ToledoHarris Airport
02WNTonasketFowler Field Airport
5WA0TonasketSourdough Airport
25WATonasketHart Ranch Airport
52WTTouchetGalt's Gulch Airport
66WATrout LakeTrout Lake Airport
36WATrout LakeBob's Field Airport
39WATum TumTailskid Ranch Airport
WS87TwispPort Field Airport
WA67VancouverGreen Mountain Airport
WA81VancouverEvergreen North-South Airpark
28WAVancouverRobert L Delanoy Airport
WA69VashonWax Orchards Airport
WT77VaughnRocky Bay Airport
30WAWaitsburgWeller Canyon Airport
83WAWalla WallaDarcy's Air Strip
WA10Walla WallaPage Airport
33WAWardenFranz Ranch Airport
WA78WashougalSky River Ranch Airport
WA63WashougalPleasant Farm Airport
WN72WashtucnaKinch Farms Airport
37WAWashtucnaBaumann Farm Inc Airport
35WAWashtucnaFisher Ranch Airport
WN17WenatcheeHoverhawk Ranch Airport
75WAWhite SalmonPort Elsner Airport
WA66White SalmonSpring Creek Ranch Airport
22WAWilburGollehon Airport
42WAWilburSheffels Ranch Airport
WN15WilkesonBurnett Landing Airport
1WA2WinlockPilot's Pastures Airport
48WAYakimaWest Valley Airport
WN45YakimaTake Five Airport
55WAYakimaWilkinson Ranch Airport
06WNYelmWestern Airpark
49WAYelmCougar Mountain Airfield
68WAZillahMc Mahon Field Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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