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ID City Name
4AK7AleknagikAleknagik Mission Strip Airport
00AKAnchor PointLowell Field Airport
AK00Anchor PointAnchor River Airpark
CSRAnchorageCampbell Airstrip
AK12AnchorageFlying Crown Airport
9AK5AnchorageSky Harbor Airport
6AK5AnchorageFire Island Airport
AA06AnchorageSixmile Lake Airport
PANTAnnetteAnnette Island Airport
PAATAttuCasco Cove Coast Guard Station
AK02Bear CreekBear Creek 1 Airport
PABGBelugaBeluga Airport
AA10Big LakeEagles Roost Airport
02AABig LakeH & H Field Airport
9AK7Big LakeCubdivision Airport
AK95Big LakeTwin Lake Airport
95AKBig LakeBrown's Homestead Airport
08AKBig LakeFisher Airport
63AKBig LakeKucera Residence Airport
AK86Big LakeKramer Airport
09AKBig LakeWest Beaver Airport
20AKBig LakeOwen Field Airport
AK97Boswell BayBoswell Bay Airport
AK98Buck CreekBuck Creek Airport
AK75CandleCandle 2 Airport
15AKCantwellGolden North Airfield
PACSCape SarichefCape Sarichef Airport
AK13Chena Hot SpringsChena Hot Springs Airport
48AKChickaloonCastle Mountain Airstrip
AK24ChugiakHilltop Airport
PAALCold BayPort Moller Airport
KCRColorado CreekColorado Creek Airport
AK30CordovaStrawberry Point Airport
1AK1Crevice CreekCrevice Creek Airport
PFCRCrooked CreekDonlin Creek Airport
1AK2Crosswind LakeCrosswind Lake Airport
PAADDeadhorsePoint Thomson Airstrip
PABPDeadhorseBadami Airport
4AK1DeadhorseInigok Airport
AK77Delta JunctionAll West Airport
76AKDelta JunctionPogo Mine Airstrip
11AKDelta JunctionRocking T Ranch Airport
AA22Delta JunctionDelta Daves Airport
29AKDelta JunctionRemington Field Airport
9AK4Delta JunctionArctic Angel Airport
AK09Delta JunctionWingsong Estates Airport
45AKDelta JunctionCherokee Airport
AK21DillinghamNushagak Airport
47AKEagle RiverHighland Airport
KKUEkukEkuk Airport
MOSElimMoses Point Airport
3AK1EurekaSkelton Airport
AK28FairbanksChena Marina Airport
MTFFairbanksMetro Field Airport
AK22FairbanksLakloey Air Park
83AKFairbanksTolovana Hot Springs Airport
31AKFairbanksDalrymple's Airport
AK52FairbanksMoen's Ranch Airport
25AAFairbanksSkyflight Airport
32AKFairbanksHardrock Field Airport
0AA4FarewellFarewell Airport
28AKGlacier ViewGates Ranch Airport
5AK4GlennallenSnowshoe Lake Airport and Seaplane Base
8AK1GulkanaJacobus Field Airport
18AAHaines18 Meadows Aerodrome
9AA9HainesAirkat Airpark
AK74Hannum CreekUpper Hannum Creek Airport
AK33Herendeen BayHerendeen Bay Airport
PAJOHinchinbrookJohnstone Point Airport
2AK6HogatzaHog River Airport
46AKHomerBear Cove Farm Airport
98AKHomerEastland Airport
AK17HomerGlacierview Strip Airport
0AK7HomerBradley Lake Hydroelectric Project Airstrip
AK18HomerCamp Point Airport
2AK4HomerBootleggers Cove Airport
OL99HomerLookout Airport
AK89HoustonBlack Spruce Airport
13AKHoustonSatterbergs Airport
AA33HoustonGus Landing Airport
AA30HoustonTrio Estates Airport
AK29HoustonReids Landing Airport
19AKIcy BayIcy Bay Airport
2AK8Icy CapeIcy Cape Air Force Station
2AK9Independence CreekIndependence Creek Airport
AK60JensensFort Jensen Airport
3AK5KenaiDrift River Airport
3AK4KenaiJohnson Airport
30AKKenaiDoyle Estates Airport
8AK2KenaiCarty's Airstrip
6AK3KenaiButler Aviation Airport
0AA7KenaiKalifonsky Meadows Airport
75AKKenaiHenley Airport
AA16KenaiTreasure Chest Airport
AA05King SalmonUgashik Narrows Airport
PAKUKuparukUgnu-Kuparuk Airport
AK80Lake LouiseRed Creek Airport
AK53Lime VillageStony Mountain Lodge Airport
4AK3Long LakeLong Lake Airport
4AK5Mankomen LakeMankomen Lake Airport
0AK5May CreekYoung Creek Airport
0AK8McCarthyFireweed Airport
AK31McCarthySwift Creek Airport
AK40McGrathNixon Fork Mine Airport
56AKMcGrathHinkes Airport
AK06McKinley ParkDenali Airport
24AKMeadow LakesToad Lake Strip Airport
0AK3Montana CreekParker Lake Airport
99AKMoore CreekMoore Creek Airport
PABNNabesnaDevils Mountain Lodge Airport
4AK9NaknekTibbetts Airport
AK07NanwalekDog Fish Bay Airport
4AK8NapaimuteNapaimute Pioneer Airfield
AK73NikishkaMcGahan Industrial Airpark
AK11NikiskiHigh Vista Airport
5AK3North PoleAirway Airport
AK41North PoleGreg'n Sage Airport
5AK2North PoleHowards Airport
78AANorth PoleLakewood Airport
0AK0North PoleScotts Airport
AA76North PoleTimber Trails Airport
33AKNugget BenchNugget Bench Airport
PALPNuiqsutAlpine Airstrip
AK20NuiqsutCD-3 Airstrip
42AKNuiqsutWillow ConocoPhillips Airport
ZNCNyacNyac Airport
4AK6PalmerWolf Lake Airport
AK66PalmerHunter Creek Airport
AK46PalmerAbi Airport
05AKPalmerWasilla Creek Airpark
AK92PalmerMartin Airport
AK50PalmerSky Ranch Airport at Pioneer Peak
AK93PalmerGrouse Ridge Airport
34AKPalmerCardwell Strip Airport
AK88PalmerEagle Nest Airport
14AKPalmerFour Corners Airport
AK63PalmerPat-Mar Strip
39AKPalmerKroenke Strip Airport
5AK6PalmerColberg Airport
5AK9PalmerGrandview Subdivision Airport
3AK2PalmerNiklason Lake Estates Airport
97AKPalmerHigh Ridge Association Airport
7AK9PalmerVinduska Airport
9AA1PalmerElk Ranch Airport
3AK6PalmerB & B Boys Ranch Airport
AA25PalmerShelby Strip Airport
74AKPalmerMaud Road Strip Airport
6AK1PlatinumPlatinum Mine Airport
2AK0Point MacKenzieMac Kenzie Country Airpark
AK14Point MacKenzieTurinsky Airstrip
6AK2Point MackenzieSleepers Strip Airport
AK36Point MacKenziePoint Mac Airport
64AKPoint MacKenzieCarpentiers Strip Airport
0AK9Point MacKenzieFalcon Lake Strip Airport
50AKPoint MackenzieRobin's Landing Airport
PALJPort AlsworthPort Alsworth Airport
PAPCPort ClarencePort Clarence Coast Guard Station
PADGRed DogRed Dog Airport
9AK2Russian MissionKako Airport
8AK3SelawikRoland Norton Memorial Airstrip
1AK8SkwentnaTalaheim Airport
1AK6SkwentnaTalachulitna River Airport
3AK9SkwentnaRiver John Airport
PADTSlanaDuffy's Tavern Airport
7AK2SnettishamSnettisham Airport
1AK4SoldotnaKenai River Airpark
70AKSoldotnaBangerter Field Airport
7AK3SoldotnaGaede Airport
7AK6SoldotnaDan France Airport
AK55SoldotnaMoose Run Airstrip
7AK5SoldotnaDahler Homestead Airport
04AASoldotnaPhil's Airport
AK26SolomonSolomon State Field Airport
AK84SterlingScooter's Landing Strip Airport
40AKSterlingSterling Air Park
AK01SterlingAlaska Airpark
88AKSterlingDutch Landing Strip
AK39SterlingSouth Gasline Airport
53AKSterlingLakewood Airstrip
AK05SterlingBreeden Airport
8AK6Susitna StationLittle Susitna Airport
AK59SuttonKing Ranch Airport
52AKSuttonCrag Mountain Airport
51AKTalkeetnaBirch Creek Landing Airport
AK44TalkeetnaTalkeetna Village Strip Airport
AK61TalkeetnaStephan Lake Lodge Airport
3AK3TalkeetnaSonglo Vista Airport
AA00TalkeetnaShump Airport
2AK7TalkeetnaBald Mountain Airport
AK19TalkeetnaCarl's Landing Airport
49AKTalkeetnaSecluded Lake Airport
AA09TalkeetnaBusch Creek Airport
21AKTalkeetnaMontana Creek Airport
45AATalkeetnaDavidson Strip Airport
7AK0TananaArt Z Airport
AK49TaylorTaylor Airport
8AK9TokTok 2 Airport
9AK0TokSportsmens Paradise Airport
5AK0Trading BayTrading Bay Production Airport
81AKTrapper CreekMc Kinley Country Airport
0AA5Trapper CreekRangeview Airstrip
8AK5Trapper CreekFort Crosby Airport
93AKTyone CreekTyone Creek 907AU Camp Airport
TYETyonekTyonek Airport
9AK3TyonekNikolai Creek Airport
AK96UgashikRandy Briggs Memorial Field Airport
0AK6Victory Bible CampVictory Airport
PAWTWainwrightWainwright Air Station
41AKWasillaSettlers Bay Airstrip
0AK1WasillaAnderson Lake Airport
67AKWasillaSouth Hollywood Airport
9AK6WasillaLeisurewood Airstrip
06AKWasillaJune Lake Airpark
AK47WasillaShawn Field Airport
89AKWasillaLincoln Village Airpark
55AKWasillaLawrence Airstrip
77AKWasillaTidewater Airport
7AK4WasillaJack Fish Landing Airport
AK65WasillaGreen's Strip Airport
65AKWasillaMcDonald Ridge Airport
AK45WasillaGrebe Lake Airport
AK99WasillaGrand Home Airport
71AKWasillaBluff Park Farm Airport
58AKWasillaFairview East Airport
5AK8WasillaMemory Lake Airport
AK58WasillaFairview West Airport
43AKWasillaKalmbach Airport
44AKWasillaWest Papoose Lake Airpark
4AK2WasillaSt John Homestead Airport
9AK8WasillaWolf Track Airport
16AKWasillaGattis Strip Airport
59AKWasillaPenderosa Airport
23AKWasillaYuknis Airport
36AKWasillaFlyway Farm Airstrip
38AKWasillaMels Airport
AK54WasillaStro's Airport
AK79WasillaJolly Field Airport
5AK5WasillaTodds Strip Airport
3AK8WasillaBoisselle's Strip Airport
6AK7WasillaRainbow Heights Estates Airstrip
AK27WasillaValley Flying Crown Airport
79AKWasillaHuttunen Strip Airport
AK25WasillaPiper Landing Airport
87AKWasillaSoloy Strip Airport
10AKWasillaHunt Strip Airport
AK83WasillaGannon's Landing Airport
AK85WasillaBirchwater Airport
7AK8WasillaHess Airport
6AK8WasillaTulakes Airport
AK16WasillaSunset Strip Airport
8AK8WasillaNorth Cubs Strip Airport
6AK9WasillaCizek North Airport
AK72WillowJewell Airport
AK10WillowAK-10 Airstrip
AK67WillowSkid Marks Airport
02AKWillowRustic Wilderness Airport
AK90WillowShirley Lake Airport
AK08WillowThomas Strip Airport
25AKWillowHoneybee Lake Aero Park Airport
78AKWillowC T S Airport
3AK7WillowLaub Airport
AK69WillowLong Lake Airport
AK68WillowMinuteman Strip Airport
07AAWillowPan Lake Strip Airport
35AKWillowPoker Bluff Airport
0AK2WillowYentna Bend Strip Airport
0AA1YakatagaYakataga Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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