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ID City Name
KIYAAbbevilleAbbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport
KAEXAlexandriaAlexandria International Airport
KESFAlexandriaEsler Regional Airport
5F0ArcadiaArcadia-Bienville Parish Airport
KBQPBastropMorehouse Memorial Airport
KBTRBaton RougeBaton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Ryan Field
KBXABogalusaGeorge R Carr Memorial Air Field
2R6BunkieBunkie Municipal Airport
F86ColumbiaCaldwell Parish Airport
0R7CoushattaThe Red River Airport
L31CovingtonSt Tammany Regional Airport
3R2CrowleyLe Gros Memorial Airport
5R8De QuincyDe Quincy Industrial Airpark
KDRIDe RidderBeauregard Regional Airport
0M9DelhiDelhi Municipal Airport
4R7EuniceEunice Airport
F87FarmervilleUnion Parish Airport
2R7FranklintonFranklinton Airport
KGAOGallianoSouth Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr.. Airport
KREGGonzalesLouisiana Regional Airport
KHDCHammondHammond Northshore Regional Airport
5F4HomerHomer Municipal Airport
KHUMHoumaHouma-Terrebonne Airport
LA3JacksonFeliciana Airpark
2R1JeaneretteLe Maire Memorial Airport
1R1JenaJena Airport
3R7JenningsJennings Airport
F88JonesboroJonesboro Airport
L32JonesvilleJonesville Airport
5F5KeithvilleBluebird Hill Airport
KLFTLafayetteLafayette Regional Airport/Paul Fournet Field
KCWFLake CharlesChennault International Airport
KLCHLake CharlesLake Charles Regional Airport
0M8Lake ProvidenceByerley Airport
L39LeesvilleLeesville Airport
3F3MansfieldC E 'Rusty' Williams Airport
3R4ManyHart Airport
KMKVMarksvilleMarksville Municipal Airport
KMNEMindenMinden Airport
KMLUMonroeMonroe Regional Airport
KIERNatchitochesNatchitoches Regional Airport
KARANew IberiaAcadiana Regional Airport
KNEWNew OrleansLakefront Airport
KMSYNew OrleansLouis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
KHZRNew RoadsFalse River Regional Airport
9M6Oak GroveKelly-Dumas Airport
KACPOakdaleAllen Parish Airport
KOPLOpelousasSt Landry Parish Airport-Ahart Field
KPTNPattersonHarry P Williams Memorial Airport
2L0PinevillePineville Municipal Airport
L66PollockPollock Municipal Airport
M79RayvilleJohn H Hooks Jr Memorial Airport
KAPSReservePort of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport
KRSNRustonRuston Regional Airport
KDTNShreveportShreveport Downtown Airport
KSHVShreveportShreveport Regional Airport
KASDSlidellSlidell Airport
KSPHSpringhillSpringhill Airport
L33St JosephTensas Parish Airport
KUXLSulphurSouthland Field Airport
KTVRTallulahVicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport
M80TallulahScott Airport
L83ThibodauxThibodaux Municipal Airport
0R4VidaliaConcordia Parish Airport
3F4VivianVivian Airport
6R1WelshWelsh Airport
0R5WinnfieldDavid G Joyce Airport
F89WinnsboroWinnsboro Municipal Airport
1R4WoodworthWoodworth Airport

The above list contains only public use airports and may be incomplete.
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