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ID City Name
U36AberdeenAberdeen Municipal Airport
U01American FallsAmerican Falls Airport
KAOCArcoArco-Butte County Airport
55HAtlantaAtlanta Airport
U45AtlantaGraham USFS Airport
52UAtlantaWeatherby USFS Airport
U37Atomic CityMidway Airport
U46Atomic CityBig Southern Butte Airport
U48Atomic CityCoxs Well Airport
U51BancroftBancroft Municipal Airport
U54BernardBernard USFS Airport
U60Big CreekBig Creek Airport
I08Big Creek Ranger StationCabin Creek USFS Airport
U02BlackfootMcCarley Field Airport
KBOIBoiseBoise Air Terminal/Gowen Field
65SBonners FerryBoundary County Airport
U03BuhlBuhl Municipal Airport
KBYIBurleyBurley Municipal Airport
KEULCaldwellCaldwell Executive Airport
U65CareyCarey Airport
0U7CareyHollow Top Airport
U70CascadeCascade Airport
C64Cayuse CreekCayuse Creek USFS Airport
KLLJChallisChallis Airport
C53ChallisLower Loon Creek Airport
U72ChallisUpper Loon Creek USFS Airport
ID8ChallisMarble Creek Airport
D47ChallisCougar Ranch Airport
U79Chamberlain Guard StationChamberlain USFS Airport
KCOECoeur d'AleneCoeur d'Alene Airport - Pappy Boyington Field
S77Coeur d'AleneMagee Airport
U81Cold Meadows Guard StationCold Meadows USFS Airport
66SCoolinCavanaugh Bay Airport
S84CottonwoodCottonwood Municipal Airport
U82CouncilCouncil Municipal Airport
S89CraigmontCraigmont Municipal Airport
A05DixieDixie USFS Airport
C48DixieWilson Bar USFS Airport
U84DonnellyDonald D Coski Memorial Airport
U58DowneyDowney (Hyde Memorial) Airport
KDIJDriggsDriggs-Reed Memorial Airport
U41DuboisDubois Municipal Airport
S90Elk CityElk City Airport
S78EmmettEmmett Municipal Airport
U86FairfieldFrostenson Field Airport
S92Fish LakeFish Lake USFS Airport
U88Garden ValleyGarden Valley Airport
U89Glenns FerryGlenns Ferry Municipal Airport
KGNGGoodingGooding Municipal Airport
KGICGrangevilleIdaho County Airport
U91GrasmereGrasmere Airport
KSUNHaileyFriedman Memorial Airport
U93HaileyMagic Reservoir Airport
U94HazeltonHazelton Municipal Airport
S66HomedaleHomedale Municipal Airport
U97HoweHowe Airport
U98Idaho CityIdaho City USFS Airport
KIDAIdaho FallsIdaho Falls Regional Airport
S81Indian CreekIndian Creek USFS Airport
U53Island ParkHenry's Lake Airport
KJERJeromeJerome County Airport
S73KamiahKamiah Municipal Airport
S83KelloggShoshone County Airport
U61KetchumTwin Bridges Airport
U99KimamaLaidlaw Corrals Airport
S82KooskiaKooskia Municipal Airport
0U0LandmarkLandmark USFS Airport
U00LeadoreLeadore Airport
KLWSLewistonLewiston/Nez Perce County Airport
0U1LowmanWarm Springs Creek Airport
1DALucileBig Bar USFS Airport
U62MackayMackay Airport
0U2MackayCopper Basin Airport
0U3Mahoney CreekMahoney Creek USFS Airport
KMLDMalad CityMalad City Airport
0U8MayMay Airport
KMYLMc CallMc Call Municipal Airport
24KMc CallKrassel USFS Airport
0U9MidvaleLee Williams Memorial Airport
1U0MinidokaBear Trap Airport
U92MooreAntelope Valley Airport
1U1Moose Creek Ranger StationMoose Creek USFS Airport
U76Mountain HomeMountain Home Municipal Airport
1U2Mud LakeMud Lake/West Jefferson County Airport
1U3MurphyMurphy Airport
KMANNampaNampa Municipal Airport
1U4New MeadowsNew Meadows Airport
0S5NezperceNezperce Municipal Airport
67SNordmanPriest Lake USFS Airport
1U6OakleyOakley Municipal Airport
S68OrofinoOrofino Municipal Airport
75COrograndeOrogrande Airport
1U7ParisBear Lake County Airport
50SParmaParma Airport
S75PayettePayette Municipal Airport
1U9PinePine Airport
KPIHPocatelloPocatello Regional Airport
1S1PorthillEckhart International Airport
2U0PrairieSmith Prairie Airport
U10PrestonPreston Airport
1S6Priest RiverPriest River Municipal Airport
KRXERexburgRexburg-Madison County Airport
U56RigbyRigby Airport
2U4RockfordRockford Municipal Airport
KSMNSalmonLemhi County Airport
KSZTSandpointSandpoint Airport
2U5ShearerShearer USFS Airport
1S7Slate CreekSlate Creek Airport
U87Smiley CreekSmiley Creek Airport
U78Soda SpringsAllen H Tigert Airport
85USoldier BarSoldier Bar USFS Airport
U12St AnthonyStanford Field Airport
S72St MariesJack A Buell Airport
2U7StanleyStanley Airport
U63StanleyBruce Meadows Airport
2U8StanleyThomas Creek Airport
0IDThatcherW E Ranch Airport
3U0Three CreekMurphy Hot Springs Airport
KTWFTwin FallsJoslin Field/Magic Valley Regional Airport
3U1WarrenWarren USFS Airport
S87WeiserWeiser Municipal Airport
I45WinchesterWapshilla Airport
3U2Yellow PineJohnson Creek Airport
I92Yellow PineReed Ranch Airport

The above list contains only public use airports and may be incomplete.
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